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  • Sutton-Garten Co

    Sutton-Garten Co. distributes Jetline-brand welding fixtures, Bugo-brand welding automation equipment, and Daihen-brand robotic welding equipment.

  • Weld-Action Co., Inc.

    Weld-Action Company Inc. design and installs automated welding systems including arc welding robots Panasonic and ABB-brand pre-engineered welding robots, and resistance welding robots.

  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering is a systems integrator of FANUC Robotics-brand welding, gluing, and molding for material joining processes.

  • Fanuc Robotics North America,Inc.

    FANUC Robotics America designs and manufactures spot welding & arc welding robots that support various intelligent functions including Roboguide simulation, iRVision ready-to-use robotic vision, & Collision Guard. The robots offer efficiency, reach, speed, load capacity, & enhanced performance for welding parts of various shapes & sizes.

  • Motoman, Inc.

    Yaskawa Motoman manufactures arc welding robots including its standard 6-axis series and 7-axis models. The company's standard 6-axis welding robots feature reach of 706mm, repeatability of 0.02 mm, and payload of 5kg. The company's "master arc" series of welding robots feature payload of 3 kg, reach of 1,434mm and repeatability of 0.08 mm.

  • ABB

    ABB designs and manufactures arc welding robots, laser welding robots, plasma welding robots, poke welding robots, spot welding robots, and stud welding robots.


  • GWI Engineering Inc

    GWI Engineering Inc. designs and press welder robots available in three standard press sizes with quick follow-up ram, an adjustable lower knee, and a narrow footprint. The company also produces welding systems for the automotive, appliance, furniture and other durable goods industries.

  • KUKA Robotics Corp.

    Kuka Robotics Corp. designs and manufactures 6-axis arc welding robots that feature a payload capacity of 6 kg and a reach of up to 1.9 m. The robots are suitable for welding and soldering, arc welding, and other welding-related processes.

  • OTC Daihen Inc

    OTC Daihen Inc. manufactures long reach arc welding robots that are ideal for working with large fixtures. Featuring individual servo-shock sensors on each axis to prevent damage, the welding robots are equipped with a slim upper arm for work within tight spaces.

  • Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

    Panasonic Factory Solutions manufactures two series of arc welding robots. The TAWERS series of welding robots feature embedded arc control technology, bus communication, ultra-low spatter via SP-MAG, and a servo-feeder. The G2 series of welding robots feature 6 axes, payload capacity of 6 kg to 8 kg, and reaches of 1058 mm to 1895 mm.

  • PRI Robotics Inc

    Pri Robotics Inc. designs, build and integrates servo rotating work stations, dual welding robots, arc welding robots, and robot welding systems for high or low volume applications.

  • RobotWorx

    RobotWorx distributes spot welding robots and arc welding robots manufactured by Motoman, FANUC Robotics, Kuka, Panasonic, OTC, Nachi, ABB, and Comau. The various welding robots feature payload up to 500 kg and reach up to 3500 mm.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Fabricators Inc. integrates arc welding robots and spot welding robots into various production welding process systems.

  • REbotics International

    Rebotics International distributes welding robots manufactured by FANUC Robotics, ABB, Panasonic Factory Automation, Motoman, Kuka, and Nachi.

  • ServoRobot

    ServoRobot builds and integrates modular laser welding systems that enable welding of 2-D and 3-D curvilinear joints at speeds of up to 10 m per minute. The systems can be mounted on a special purpose machine or an articulated robot modular system.

  • Weld Plus Inc

    Weld Plus Inc. distributes Panasonic-brand 3-axis and 4-axis Cartesian robotic Tig welding robots.

  • Wolf Robotics

    Wolf Robotics provides standard robotic LeanArc welding systems that feature a choice of robots, positioners, welding power supplies, assorted torches, and peripheral products. The company also stocks spare and replacements parts for various welding robots.

  • Robotic Turnkey Solutions

    Robotic Turnkey Solutions distributes a number of welding robot types including arc welding robots, TIG welding robots, MIG welding robots, MAC welding robots, spot welding robots, resistance welding robots, electron welding robots, laser welding robots and CMT welding robots,.

  • Valk Welding

    Valk Welding is a supplier of Panasonic-brand welding robots including the TAWERS series of compact welding robots, which feature start/stop times of 0.2 seconds and 100 percent digital integration of the welding power source.