Factory Automation • Systems Integration

System integrators for integrating components from PLC's to motion systems to robotic systems and more.

Systems integration involves bringing together the component subsystems of a factory into one system, so that the subsystems function as one system. A variety of techniques are used when conducting factory automation system integration including computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management, and manual programming. There are a number of companies that provide systems integration services – including design, layout, and installation - for factory automation environments.

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  • ACS Design Inc.

    ACS Design Inc. offers factory automation services for the integration of components such as PLC's, motion systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotic systems and vision systems.

  • Automated Control Services Inc.

    Automated Control Services Inc. specializes in factory automation and provides custom-designed systems. The company's automation services include: comissioning, installation, documentation, software development, and hardware selection.

  • Patti Engineering

    Patti Engineering is a supplier of custom systems integration solutions for applications including libraries, military, waste water, academia, retail distribution, law enforcement, food industry, manufacturing plants and others. Systems developed include electronic gun racks, electronic multi-door lockers, robotic automated paint line controllers and ice ring surface temperature controllers.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    Automation Tooling Systems designs and produces factory automation systems for the medical, automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, electrical, pharmaceutical and solar energy industries. The company offers single- and multi-station lean automation solutions.

  • The Control Systems Group

    The Control Systems Group designs and manufactures factory automation systems that can integrate a variety of components including: conveyors, gantries, turntables, accumulators, vision systems, inspection stations, parts tracking systems, and automated loaders.

  • Factory Automation Systems

    Factory Automation Systems' solutions have been applied to fiberglass production lines, a roll forming machine, a paper machine rewinder, a web coating line and a fiberglass mat winder. The company's specialty is integrating PLC's, robotic technologies, motion control systems and drive systems.

  • GBI Data & Sorting Systems

    GBI Data & Sorting Systems offers small package, sortation system solutions for the material handling industry. The company's solutions are used in loose receipt sorting, order fulfillment automation, returns sorting, zip code sorting, and mail sorting.

  • Gnostic Systems

    Gnostic Systems provides factory automation services for the microelectronics manufacturing industry.

  • KIM Automation

    Kim Automation offers factory automation and conveyor automation systems that are used in the food and dairy, automotive, electronics and distribution industries.

  • Kredit Automation & Controls

    Kredit Automation & Controls designs and builds automation systems for manufacturing equipment and the process industry. The company's services include plant automation systems integration.

  • Automated Drive Systems

    Automated Drive Systems offers systems integration of industrial and process control products. From assistance in design to installation equipment, Automated Drive Systems seeks to go beyond to bridge the gap between distribution and system integration.

  • Letico

    Letico provides factory automation engineering services for the industrial manufacturing industry. Several of the company's specialties are packaging automation and integrating production systems. The company also supplies software and hardware necessary for factory automation systems.


  • Loman Control Systems

    Loman Control Systems focuses on factory automation for the metals, food, beverage, biomedical, process gases, environmental, security and pharmaceutical industries. The company's services include writing automation system design and integrating all levels of a discrete manufacturing plant or batch manufacturing plant.

  • National Automation Services

    National Automation Services offers automation design consultation, control systems integration, SCADA and PLC programming and control panel design services.

  • South Atlantic Controls

    South Atlantic Controls designs and installs industrial automated systems for material handling, manufacturing and OEM applications. The company's services also include PLC programming, systems integration and control panel fabrication.

  • Systematix

    Systematix is a factory automation systems manufacturer who products include robotic assembly systems and test systems. The company serves the plastic, furniture, medical device assembly, window/door, and automotive industries.

  • Turbocraft Inc.

    Turbocraft Inc. integrates factory automation systems for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, marine, aerospace, and machining and fabrication companies. Turbocraft's automation services include PLC programming, servo programming, and HMI design.

  • Zeugma

    Zeugma is an assembly automation systems supplier for the electric, automotive and electronics industries. The company's assembly systems include control, component feeding, joining, testing, marking and traceability technologies.

  • Kasa Controls

    Kasa Controls is an industrial automation control systems company whose capabilities include system design, software programming, and system integration and start-up. The company serves the agriculture, automotive, conveying, food and beverage, and process control industries.

  • Accudyne Systems, Inc.

    Accudyne Systems Inc. integrates automation systems and specializes in the development, design, fabrication, start-up and support of custom equipment.