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An externally threaded fastener designed for insertion through holes in assembled parts, tightened or released by torquing a nut.

An externally threaded fastener designed for insertion through holes in assembled parts, tightened or released by torquing a nut.

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  • Fastenal

    Types of bolts distributed by Fastenal include hex, carriage, flange, tap, structural, square head, U, heavy hex, ferry cap, plow, tension control, shaker screen, hanger, elevator, eye, connector, tower, penta, step, coil, J, timber, bin, askew, and track.

  • Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc.

    Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems Inc. is an industrial fastener supplier that maintains an inventory of carriage bolts, elevator bolts, forged eye bolts, A193, A307, A320, A354, and A449 heavy hex bolts, hex machine bolts, lag screws, DIN 933 and DIN 931 metric hex bolts, plow bolts, rod ends, square bolts, step bolts, structural bolts (A325 and A490), and tap bolts.

  • AFT Fasteners

    AFT Fasteners is a supplier of hex bolts, carriage bolts, structural bolts, and tap bolts. Carriage bolt types include A307 Grade A low carbon, Grade 5 medium carbon, and 18-8 stainless steel. The hex bolts are available as Grade A coarse low carbon types, while the structural bolts are A325 type 1 coarse medium carbon type. The tap bolts are available as A307 Grade A low carbon and Grade 5 medium carbon types.

  • Glaser & Associates, Inc.

    Glaser & Associates Inc. provides ASTM A307 Grade A "L" bend anchor bolts, SAE J429 Grade 1 elevator bolts, ASTM A307 Grade A full thread step bolts, finished hex bolts, hex tap bolts, heavy hex bolts, structural bolts, square head machine bolts, round head carriage bolts, and plow bolts.

  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions manufactures and distributes spline drive bolts, internal wrenching hex socket bolts, 12-point external wrenching bolts, and hex head bolts. The various bolts are available in AN, NAS, and MS part numbers produced from a number of materials including alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, and 6Al-AV.

  • Steel City Bolt & Screw, LLC

    Steel City Bolt & Screw is a provider of specialty fasteners including hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, square bolts, lag bolts, carriage bolts, step bolts, timber bolts, guard rail bolts, mat bolt, and oval neck track bolts. The company serves a number of industries including utilities, construction, railroad, telecommunications, steel fabricating, marine hardware, and equipment manufacturer.

  • Copper State Bolt & Nut Co.

    Copper State Nut & Bolt Co. manufactures various construction and industrial products including hex head bolts, flat head bolts, carriage bolts, lag screws, plow bolts, elevator bolts, and bent bolts (anchor bolts and J-bolts).

  • EPS

    A manufacturer of standard and non-standard bolts, EPS offers bolts in inch and metric sizes that meet domestic and international standards. Bolt types include: countersunk, elevator, indented hex flange, trimmed hex flange, finished hex, heavy hex, indented hex, 12-point spline, ribbed neck, round head square neck, shoulder, special trimmed, square head, step, and T-head.

  • Chicago Nut & Bolt, Inc.

    Chicago Nut & Bolt manufactures custom bolts in sizes from 1/4" to 4" and lengths up to 72". Bolt types include 12-point, carriage, flat head socket screw, hex cap screw, hex flange, metric, socket head cap screw, square head, structural, and tap. The various bolts are found in the heavy industry, power generation, architecture/construction, military, agriculture, mining, and railroad industries.

  • Yangtze Railroad Materials, Inc.

    Yangtze provides structural fasteners including A490 bolts and A307 bolts to the railroad industry. The bolts meet ASTM A490 or ASTM A307 specifications and are available with plain, zinc, or chromate finishes.

  • Offshore Milling Services, Inc.

    Offshore Milling Services Inc. distributes a number of fastener products including hex bolts, carriage bolts, shoulder bolts constructed from stainless steel, brass, aluminum and brass. The company also offers speciality produces including eye bolts, aluminum bolts, left hand bolts, metric bolts, and stainless steel bolts.

  • Pohl Spring Works, Inc.

    Pohl Spring Works offers U-bolts in several grades of  3/8" to 1-1/2" diameter threaded material. The company also distributes specialty bolts including J, anchor, eye, threaded rod, and stud types. The company serves the agricultural, appliance, automotive, electrical equipment, construction equipment, instrument, metalworking, industrial equipment, recreation, office equipment, lawn and garden, oil, military, manufacturer, medical, and telecommunications industries.

  • Rainbow Fasteners, Inc.

    Rainbow Fasterners line of bolts includes acoustical eye lag bolts, carriage bolts, elevator bolts, hanger bolts, lag bolts, plow bolts, step bolts, and trailer floor screw bolts.

  • Great Lakes Fasteners, Inc.

    Great Lake Fasteners Inc. provides MIL-spec fasteners including MS, AN, and NAS bolts. The various bolts meet MIl-B-857A, MIL-S-1222H, MIL-S-1222G, MIL-S-1222F, and MIL-F-18240 specifications.

  • Fabory USA Ltd.

    Fabory supplies hexagon bolts, non-hexagon bolts, self-locking bolts, and flange bolts constructed of aluminum, brass, plastic, stainless steel, steel, and titanium. The bolts are available in lengths ranging from 1/2" to 500".

  • Cordova Bolt, Inc.

    Cordova Bolt maintains a bolt inventory of more than 15 million pounds. Bolt types stocked include hex and square machine bolts, plow bolts, A325/490 tension control bolts, foundation bolts, and non-standard bolts.

  • Fran-Dan Bolt & Screw Corp.

    Fran-Dan Bolt & Screw Corp. distributes a number of bolt types including: alloy-A193B7, frame, sex bolt, acoustical lag, Grade B heavy hex, step, anchor, guardrail, stove, barrel, hanger, structural, bent, hook rail, TC, bent, J, swedge, button head, cap screw, joint connector, tap, carriage, lag, timber, elevator, loom, track, eye, machine, track spike, flange, plow, and U.

  • Trio Fasteners

    Bolt types supplied by Trio Fasteners include anchor, A-325/A-490/Type 3, bearing, carriage/lag, elevator, eye/flange, Grade B heavy, hanger, heavy hex, J, U, plow, tap, square/hex, and tap/tower.

  • Centennial Bolt

    Centennial Bolt maintains a large inventory of bolts including A325/490 tension control bolts, B-7 bolting products, foundation bolts, hex and square machine bolts, and plow bolts.

  • All-Tech Specialty Fasteners LLC

    All-Tech Speciality Fasteners LLC distributes structural bolts, plow bolts, elevator bolts, track bolts, J-bolts, carriage bolts, tap bolts, battery bolts, step bolts, hanger bolts, U-bolts, bend anchor bolts, frame bolts, B-7 bolts, eye bolts, elevator bolts and shaker screen bolts.