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A list of fastener distributors which is searchable by state.

A list of fastener distributors which is searchable by state.

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  • Fastenal


    Fastenal distributes fasteners of many types from more than 80 manufacturers. Their selection includes: anchors, bolts, hardware, nails, nuts, pins, retaining rings and clips, riveting & self-clinching products, rod, screws, security fasteners, set screws, sockets, strut, clamps, hangers, and washers. They also offer thread repair kits.


  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is a distributor of anchors, bolts, hardware, hooks, key stocks, lanyards, nails, nuts, pins, retaining rings, rivets, screws, spacers & standoffs, staples, thread inserts, and washers. They also supply measuring equipment, and manuals.

  • Jamestown Distributors

    Jamestown distributes fasteners of many sorts, as well as fastener lubricants, weld mount fastening systems, kits, and assortments. Their manufacturers are Attwood, Beckson, CS Johnson, CS Osborne, Davey, Drywall Screws, Forespar, Handi-Man, Helical, Lord and Hodge, Perko, Quicksilver, Ronstan, S and J Products, Schaefer, SeaChoice, Seadog, Seafarer, Shurhold, Stanley Tools, Swan Secure, Taylor Made, TH Marine, Tie Down Marine, Triumph, Tylaska, Ultra Tef-Gel, W.L. Fuller, Weld Mount, and Whitecap.

  • Anthony Manno & Company, Inc.

    Anthony Manno supplies military and standard fasteners to include: precision shoulder, captive panel, & thumb screws; as well as nuts, pins, studs, and cleats.

  • Bossard North America Inc.

    Bossard is a fastener distributor, stocking: electrical fasteners, bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and washers.

  • EFC International

    EFC is a fastener distributor serving the appliance & electronics, automotive, furniture, industrial, marine, military, and renewable energy industries. They supply caps, plugs, clamps, pins, spacers, studs, dowels, retainers, nuts, and more.

  • Porteous Fasteners Co.

    Porteous distributes anchor & structural products, PFC9 fasteners, and sockets from U.S. Anchor, Nucor, and Phillips Fastener.

  • Kimball Midwest

    Kimball Midwest is a supplier of anchors, bolts, cap screws, chain & accessories, drill point screws, fastener assortments, flange type fasteners, keystock, l9 fastening systems, machine screws, and machinery bushings.

  • Lawson Products Inc

    Lawson Products distributes fasteners including: washers, socket screws, screws, rod/studs, rivets/nutserts, retaining rings, pins/keystock, nuts, miscellaneous fasteners, and collars.

  • The Hillman Group

    The Hillman Group distributes aluminum fasteners, anchors, bolts - cap screws - carriage, brass fasteners, deck screws, drywall screws, galvanized fasteners, keys, machine screws, and metric fasteners.

  • B & B Threaded Components

    B & B Threaded Components is a provider of fasteners with the AVK, Avdel, Bossard Metrics, Camcar, Captive Fasterners©, Chrislynn, Esna, and Fastex brand names. Their products include rivets, retaining rings, screw machine special, socket products, patch & pellet hardware, metrics, inserts, and bolts.

  • Eckhart & Finard

    Eckhart & Finard supplies fasteners which includes anchors, bolts, captive/electronic hardware, metric fasteners, nuts, pins, rivets, screws, socket screw products, and threaded inserts.

  • Electronic Fasteners Inc.

    Electronic Fasteners is a supplier of fasteners to military, industrial, commercial, and aerospace markets. Their products include adhesives, bolts, cable ties/wire systems, dive pins, hand gloves, handles, inserts, and military hardware. Brands include 3M, Cyclo Industries, Marking & ID Systems, Southco, ACT Fastening Solutions, East Coast Lifting, Marson / Alcoa, Spirol, and ATI Garryson.

  • All American Systems

    All American Systems is a supplier of fasteners for use in hot formed parts, cold headed fasteners, screw machine parts, brass inserts, CNC machined parts, injection molded parts, and wire management products. They offer u–bolts, metric stainless, wire threaded & keyed locking inserts, plastic & wood, cold headed fasteners, rivets & multi-blow specials, wheel bolts & double ended studs, inserts for metal, electronic hardware, high strength flange bolts & cap screws, wire form, and cable ties & wire management products.

  • Stelfast Inc.

    Stelfast is a provider of fasteners for tap oversized, machine parts from bar, jam nuts, cup cone flat oval & dog point material, slot, mill, high speed tap, mill studs, and drills. Product types include wheel parts, weld products, washers, threaded bar, screws, nuts, metric nuts, lock nuts, bolts & capscrews, and anchors.

  • Hodell-Natco Industries

    Hodell-Natco is a distributor of fasteners including: nuts, bolt-up & flange packs, washers, other products, construction fasteners, bolts, studs & rods, socket screws, and specialty pins. Brand types are ITW Bee Leitzke, Nucor, OMG, and Perfection Chain. They cater to the steel fabricators, piping, oems (original equipment manufacturers), metal building manufacturers, industrial supply/mro, heavy construction, and building supply markets.

  • Technology Components Southwest LLC

    Technology Components is a distributor of fasteners including Avery Dennison, Bollhoff, Emhart Teknologies, Fastex, HeliCoil, Jacknut, Kolver, POP, POPNut, and Plusnut brand names. Products include assembly components, bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, socket products, and washers.

  • Southwest Fastener LLC

    Southwest Fastener supplies anchors, hardware, bolts, screws, and rivets. They offer brands to include Aervoe, Freud, Green Bull, Gripple, Landman, LiftAll, Morse, Powers Fasteners, Ramset, Red Head, SAIT, and Superstrut.

  • Precision Specialties

    Precision Specialties is a distributor of OETIKER, AVK, PALNUT, and TINNERMAN brands. Product types include nut retainers, multi-thread u-nuts, studs, hole plugs, single-thread u-nuts, u-type nuts, washers, bushings, lock nuts, pushnuts, j-type nuts, and clips.

  • Specialty Bolt & Screw Inc.

    Specialty Bolt & Screw provides fasteners with Emhart Teknologies, Oetiker, Panduit, ND Industries, RAF Hardware, Rotor Clip, Alcoa Fastening Systems, and Ideal/Tridon brand names. Product types include anchors, bolts, clamps/hangers, fittings, nuts, pins, plastic parts, retaining rings/clips, rivets, rods/studs, and screws.