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  • Automotive Fasteners, Inc.

    Automotive Fasteners, Inc. is a supplier of automotive fasteners. Metric sized thread repair inserts are availabe in thread sizes ranging from M3 x 0.5 to M20 x 2.5. stainless steel metric threaded inserts are also offered in sizes from M2.2 x 0.45 to M20 x 2.5.

  • Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

    Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. is a manufacturer of hardware. Available products include metric sizes threaded key inserts in steel and stainless steel; designed for use in any parent material, ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic.

  • Eagle Fasteners Corp.

    Eagle Fasteners Corp. is an supplier of fasteners, assemblies and components to the OEM market. Metric sized threaded inserts are available in steel or brass in styles such as closed end, blind thread, key locking, knurled, sealed end and others.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises is a supplier of molded and extruded products. Metric sizes threaded inserts are available in brass or steel with thread sizes ranging from M4 x 0.7 to M6 x 1.0.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal is a supplier of fasteners, and industrial equipment and supplies. Metric threaded inserts offered include steel thread repair kits in sizes from M6 through M12 for use in metal, plastic and wood applications.