Fasteners • Insulation Fasteners

Fasteners used for a wide range of insulation applications, including: cooling/heating ductwork, residential/commercial walls/ceilings, bulkheads, ship hulls, etc.

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  • Fastenal

    Fastenal offers 3" round/flat bottom/metal-roof and 3" Galvalume insulation plate fasteners.

  • Chicago Nut & Bolt, Inc.

    Chicago Nut & Bolt, Inc. offers custom made fasteners in the following configurations: tap bolt, structural bolt, square head, socket cap screw, metric, hex flange, hex cap screw, flat head socket screw, 12-point, etc. These fasteners come in lengths up to 72", part diameters ranging from 1/4" to 4", and thread tap bolt grades ranging from 2 to 8.

  • Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory offers blanket pins and fasteners in a variety of configurations, including: blanket clamp pins, Ty-Straps for insulating blankets, magnetic blanket buttons, yellow nylon blanket buttons, etc. Salisbury 21 blanket pins come in lengths up to 9.5" and jaw opening sizes up to 5". Ty-Straps are available in lengths up to 30", and they are constructed from 1-1/2" wide rubber strips with pile/hook fasteners attached to both ends.

  • Nyltite Corp. of America

    Nyltite Corp. of America offers electrical fasteners for a wide range of insulation/isolation applications, including: machine parts, aircraft parts, industrial products, vibration dampening, sealing, etc. These fasteners come in the following configurations: unheaded sleeves, double wall brushings, headed sleeves, flat headed sleeves, grommets, snap bushings, and rolled collars.