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A nut is a type of hardware fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used with a mating bolt to fasten parts together.

A nut is a type of hardware fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used with a mating bolt to fasten parts together.

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  • Fastenal

    Fastenal manufactures square, slotted, jam, castle, allen, acorn, and acme nuts. Nuts are offered in stainless steel, steel, brass, low carb, nylon, and silicon bronze materials. Diameters range from 1/4" to M48. Thread sizing ranges from 4 to 40. Plain, black oxide, chrome, nickel, zinc, yellow zinc, and hot dipped galvanized finishes are available.

  • The Dyson Corporation

    The Dyson Corporation manufactures sleeve, round spanner, heavy square, driving, and coupling nuts. Sleeve and coupling nuts are available in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel materials. Sleeve and coupling nuts have UNC class 2A threading. Round spanner and heavy square nuts have a washer face at a right angle to the threaded hole. Round spanner nuts have a tolerance of 0.005" for nuts as large as 4", and 0.007" for nuts 4 1/4 and larger. Heavy square nuts have a tolerance of one degree, and the maximum run out of the bearing surfacer equals the tangent of the specified angle, 0.017 x W (width across fats). Driving nuts are made of heat treated carbon steel, and have 6 threads per inch of UN class 2B threading.

  • Micro Plastics, Inc.

    Micro Plastics, Inc. is a manufacturer of splined panel, nylon dress, metric nylon, and low profile cap nuts. Splined panel and nylon dress nuts have a tolerance of +/- 0.005. Splined panel nuts come in nylon 6/6 and polycarbonate materials, and have 10-24 threading. The head diameter is 0.516, body length is 0.281, and head height is 0.100. Nylon dress nuts have a threading of 3/8-32 and an outside diameter of 0.615. Metric nylon caps range in size from M4 to M20, range in height from 8.000 to 29.100, and have a tolerance of +/- 0.26. Low profile cap nuts have 6-32 threading and a height of 0.222.

  • Continental Midland

    Continental Midland (CM) manufactures internally threaded and auto/truck wheel nut products. CM's internally threaded nut product line includes: couplings, hex nuts, lock nuts, round weld nuts, spacers, tube nuts, and wheel nuts. Diameter ranges from 4mm to 63mm, and the maximum length is 9". Internally threaded nuts come in carbon/alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper materials. CM's auto/truck wheel nuts are offered can be configured as decorative or non-decorative. Sizing options include M12 and M14.

  • Northeast Fasteners Co., Inc.

    Northeast Fasteners manufactures tree, square, machine screw, castle, and jam grade 5 (fine and coarse) nuts. Sizing ranges from 1/4 to 40. Fine (SAE), coarse (USS), C10, C13, C14, C16, C18, and C20 threading is available. Finishing options include zinc, zinc plated, and plain.

  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. produces nylon nuts in either black or white nylon material. Threading ranges from 10-32 UNF to 1/4" NPSF.

  • Baco Enterprises

    Baco Enterprises manufactures a wide variety of finished hex, heavy hex, and carbon steel hex coupling nuts. Nuts are available in plain, zinc plated, and hot dipped galvanized finishing. Nut diameters range from 3/8 to 56. Product offerings include: NC, NF, acorn cap, A-325-MFG I.D., Jam, heavy coupling nuts, jam nuts, slotted nuts, square nuts, wing nuts, machine screw nuts, etc.

  • George H. Seltzer & Co.

    George H. Seltzer & Company produces extension, collar, fixture, and coupling nuts. Nuts range in thread size from 6mm to 48mm. Nuts range in height from 09mm to 144mm. The minimum flat surface width is 10mm and the maximum is 75mm. The minimum width from corner to corner is 11.5mm and the maximum is 86.6mm.

  • Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

    Carr Lane Manufacturing Company manufactures tee nuts, jam nuts, coupling nuts, bar handle nuts, and acorn nuts. Nuts are made from 12L14 steel, 300-series stainless steel, and mild steel materials. Thread sizing ranges from M4 to M24. Black oxide and passivated finishing is available on certain models.

  • The Precision Alliance

    The Precision Alliance manufactures titanium hexagon nuts, nickel hexagon nuts, hastelloy hexagon nuts, and special material fasteners. Nut sizing ranges from M3 to M12. Nut length ranges from 5.5mm to 19mm and nut width ranges from 2.4mm to 10mm. Nut applications include: electronic equipment, semiconductor production, FPD, sodium hydroxide gas concentration units, heat exchangers, chemical plant facilities, etc. Available special material fasteners: aluminum, hastelloy, iconel, s/s, molybdenum, nickel, phosphor bronze, and titanium.

  • Thermo Shield

    Thermo Shield manufactures tantalum, molybdenum, and alumina rafractory nuts in both inch and metric sizing. Nuts are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, including: hexagon, square, round/flat, and round/slotted. All nuts are shipped the day they are ordered.


    ITW CIP manufactures U-nuts, push-nuts, hydro-nuts, cage nuts, and box/expansion nuts with single and multi-threading options. U-nuts, push-nuts, and box/expansion nuts range in size from M4-M12 or #8-1/2". E coating and 0-1000 Hrs finishing is available for cage nuts, box nuts, and U-nuts. Nut applications includes: panel/mid-panel edge, I/P and other cockpit components, hydro-formed tubing, mid-panel fastening, center consoles, vehicle doors, etc.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corporation manufactures hex nuts, lock nuts, plate nuts, cap nuts, clinch nuts, and keps nuts. Hex nuts come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including: small pattern, electrical pattern, self-locking regular pattern, self-locking thin pattern, finished jam nut pattern, etc. Lock nuts are offered in self-locking thin and regular patterns. Finishings offered include: plain, cadmium II, silver, black oxide, tin, plain, phosphate, tin, nickel, etc.

  • Sabre Industries Inc

    Sabre Industries, Inc. manufactures Galvanized Pal Nuts and Galvanized Anco Nuts. Galvanized Pal Nuts range in size from 3/8" to 1" in diameter. Galvanized Anco Nuts range in size from 3/8" to 2 1/4" in diameter.

  • AFT

    AFT Fasteners manufactures structural nuts, machine screw nuts, and jam nuts with both coarse and fine threading options. Sizing ranges from 1/4 to 48.

  • Apex Precision Technologies

    Apex Precision Technologies manufactures floating nut-retainers in steel, zinc steel, and aluminum materials. Nut sizing ranges from 8 to 32 inches. Apex offers non-standard features, including: shortened flanges, metric nuts, non-standard dimensions, and all-over plating in clear or yellow zinc. Applications include home/office furniture, appliances, fork trucks, rail cars, automobile seats, etc.

  • Portland Fasteners

    Portland Fasteners & Construction Supply manufactures tree nuts, structural nuts, square nuts, jam nuts, coupling nuts, and acorn nuts. Nut thread pitch ranges from 9/16 to 40. Nuts are made with stainless steel and zinc materials.

  • Holo-Krome

    Holo-Krome manufactures allen nuts in heat treated steel and austenitic stainless steel materials. The minimum body diameter is 0.183" and the maximum is 1.533". Nut thickness ranges from 0.179" to 1.532". Both fine and coarse threading is available from sizes 8 to 40.

  • P & R Fasteners, Inc.

    P & R Fasteners, Inc. manufactures hex nuts, rectangle nuts, round nuts, and square nuts. Nuts are made from carbon/alloy/stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper materials. Nut sizing ranges from M3.5 to M24. Finishing options include: zinc, tin-zinc, copper, nickel, electroless nickel, automotive organic, etc. Threading styles include: standard inch/metric threads, ACME threads, Knuckle threads, right/left hand threads, etc.

  • Marketing Masters, Inc.

    Marketing Masters, Inc. manufactures Boeing and airbus clip nuts. Nut thread sizing ranges from 8-32 to 10-32. The minimum panel thickness is 0.20" and the maximum is 0.300". Product models include: Airbus Standard, Boeing Standard, and Marketing Masters' Torlon Clip Nuts.