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Industrial fasteners installed in grooves to hold components or prevents their movement

Industrial fasteners installed in grooves to hold components or prevents their movement

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  • G.L. Huyett

    G.L. Huyett is a supplier of fasteners and hardware. Retaining rings are available in a variety of styles include snap rings, push-on rings, clips, wire forms, springs, spiral rings and Eaton rings. Wire form retaining rings are offered in external "C", internal "D", piston and hair pin configurations.

  • Daemar Inc

    Daemar Inc provides retaining rings for various applications, and various grades of duty & thrust requirements. They supply various specifications of external shaft rings (SH) to include inverted (SHI), friction (SHF), and also internal housing inverted (HOI). Brands include: Rotor Clip®Spirolox®, Ring Masters®, Rotor Clamp®, DMR™ Push-On Fasteners, DMR™ Plastic Fasteners, and DMR™ Retaining Ring Kits & Packs.

  • RG Sales, Inc.

    RG Sales, Inc. is a supplier of internal and external retaining rings available in different sizes, specifications, and use in multiple applications. They offer many special & standard types of external rings such as, metric, E-Ring, C-Ring, wire, square section, round section, rectangular section, push on, grip ring, and Klipring®. Their internal ring selection ranges from standard, balanced lug, beveled, and push-on.

  • SDP/SI

    SDP/SI manufactures retaining rings in various shapes, sizes, materials, and grades, while offering in house engineering and the ability to utilize pre-existing designs to meet custom and unique application requirements. Their typically manufactured rings include: standard, external, internal, bearing retainers, external bowed, grooveless, and e-rings.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid is a supplier of many types of retaining rings which come in five basic varieties to include: c-clip, e-clip, housing, retainer, and snap rings. They also offer assortment kits including various types, sizes, and shapes of rings.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger supplies retaining rings, retaining ring assortments, and retaining ring applicators. Their retaining rings come in standard, split, spiral, self locking, poodle style, heavy duty, e-style, crescent, and bowed. Each of these comes in variations of different specifications, including: materials, sizes, strength, and duty requirements.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal distributes retaining rings and E-clips, offering both in individual kit assortments as well. Their external and internal retaining rings are available for heavy to light duty applications and include: axially assembled, bowed, C-style, E-style, housing, poodle, self locking, push on, round, and shaft.