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  • Arcon Ring & Specialty Corp.

    Arcon Ring & Specialty offers wire snap rings in round, square, rectangular, and Eaton styles. Round wire snap rings are available in open and closed gap, bearing retention, round, and plain designs. Square types are available in open and closed gap.

  • Smalley Steel Ring Co.

    Smalley offers eight series of constant section rings, from .375” to 10” diameters (13 mm to 300 mm), in inch and metric, specials from .200” to 120”, in over 1000 sizes, and a new series that are interchangeable with Eaton snap rings.

  • Rotor Clip Co., Inc.

    Rotor Clip offers constant section snap rings in internal and external inch sizes, as well as internal and external metric sizes. There are over 20 designs to choose from. Tapered section and spiral retaining rings are also available.

  • SAE Products

    SAE's snap rings meet military and industry standards, and come in inch sizes. Specials can be manufactured as well. Materials include beryllium copper, carbon and stainless (PH15-7MO) steel. Specials can be made from hastelloy, inconel, A-286 stainless and copper alloys.

  • G.L. Huyett

    G.L. Huyett offers snap rings in basic external and internal, heavy duty external, inverted external and internal, bowed external and internal, beveled external and internal, double beveled internal, grooveless, grooveless open lug, and tamper-proof designs.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply offers over 120 different types of retaining rings in snap, C-clip, E-clip, housing, and retainer styles. Products come in many sizes. Individual snap rings are black phosphate coated, stainless steel or bright zinc.

  • American Ring & Tool Co.

    American Ring & Tool offers retaining rings (snap rings) in internal and external designs. Products are available for both axial and radial installation. Snap rings can be used for many applications, including drive shafts, agricultural machinery, torque converters, nuclear equipment, aircraft, couplings, valves, clutches, and much more.

  • Precision Specialties

    Precision Specialties stocks all major brands of snap rings. Types available include basic internal, bowed internal, beveled internal, circular push-on internal, inverted internal, crescent external, reinforced circular push-on external, bowed E-ring external, heavy duty external, and many others.

  • Peterson Spring, A Peterson American Co.

    Peterson Spring produces rings with inner diameters ranging from 1.57 mm to 1830 mm in nearly limitless gap configurations. Ground surfaces, and a variety of notches or holes at the ring gap, can also be provided.

  • Ring Masters, LLC

    Ring Masters snap rings are typically used for military, fluid power, automotive, bearings, tractors, bulldozers, tanks, drive trains, medical, and sports equipment. They are ISO-14000, QS-9000, and TS-16949 certified.