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Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners with a head on one end and a buckled tailed created on installation.

Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners with a head on one end and a buckled tailed created on installation.

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  • Rapid Rivet & Fastener Co

    Rapid Rivet & Fastener Co. maintains an inventory of aerospace and commercial rivets that includes blind rivets, drive rivets, rivet nuts, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, special rivets, speed fasteners, threaded inserts, and Avdel speed fasteners.

  • Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc.

    Austin Hardware & Supply Inc. distributes solid aluminum rivets, POP open-end rivets, POP closed-end sealing rivets, and nylon tapit rivets. The company also supplies power rivet tools and Monobolt rivet fastening systems. The rivets are distributed to the fire, trailer, sheet metal fabricating, utility body, recreational vehicle, marine, and bus and rail industries.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply distributes tubular and semi-tubular rivets, split rivets, solid rivets, push-in rivets, and blind rivets manufactured by Westward, Pop, Marson, Hanson Rivet, Magna-lok, BOM, Magnabulb, Micro Plastics, and Disco.

  • Automotive Fasteners, Inc.

    Automotive Fasteners Inc. distributes more than 20 types of rivets including blind rivets, Cherry N and Q rivets, Klamptite rivets, Monobolt rivets, Cherry T rivets, E rivets, C rivets, Varigrip rivets, Olympic aluminum bulb-tite blind rivets, drive rivets, large diameter aluminum drive rivets, 3G liner rivets, nylon drive rivets, aluminum brad rivets, tinners' rivets, steel round head brad rivets, steel flat head rivets, steel countersunk rivets, door rivets, and brake lining rivets.

  • EPS

    EPS supplies rivets to the industrial and automotive markets. Rivet types include binder, structural blind, plastic, blind, solid, semi-tubular, shoulder solid, shoulder semi-tubular, offset head, and full tubular.

  • Armour Screw Co.

    Standard and custom rivet types distributed by Armour Screw Co. include: aircraft, explosive, semi-tubular, blind, eyelet, shoulder, cap, nylon-insert torque, solid, compression, split, drive, self-piercing, and full tubular. The various rivets are found in the appliance, electrical, medical, playground, automotive, furniture, home building, beverage, recreational vehicle, computer, HVAC, snowmobile, ATV, construction, marine, and telecom industries.

  • Global Certified Fasteners

    Global Certified Fasteners is a supplier of blind rivets, custom cold-headed rivets, drive rivets, full-tubular rivets, mate rivets, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, special rivets, split rivets, and threaded inserts. The rivets are available in various materials, finishes, dimensions, and diameters.

  • BMB Fasteners

    BMB Fasteners distributes solid, tubular, blind, and large flange rivets manufactured by Pop, Cherry, Marson, Huck, Celus, Gesipa, and Avdel/Avex. The rivets are used within the aerospace, medical, marine, commercial, construction and military industries.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Easto Enterprises provides a number of industrial fasteners including nylon rivets.