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A screw is essentially a bolt with a pointed end so that it is capable of forming its own hole.

A screw is essentially a bolt with a pointed end so that it is capable of forming its own hole.

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  • Arlington Fastener Co.

    Arlington Fastener Company is a supply of screws, nuts, bolts and threaded rod. Screw products offered include machine, sheet metal, wood, thread forming, sems and cap screws. Sems screws include internal and external as well as split lockwasher, machine and thread cutting. Machine screws come in a variety of head types with diameters up to 3/8" and lengths up to 12" made of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, nylon, bronze and brass.

  • Fastenal

    Fastenal is a supplier of fastener and screw products. Screw products offered include drywall screws, thumb screws, eye screws, wood screws, roofing screws, jack screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws, sheet metal screws, lag screws, thread cutting screws and drive screws in addition to may other types. Sheet metal available are made from stainless or standard steel and are 1/8" to 6" in length with thread sizes ranging from 8 to 32.

  • Automotive Fasteners, Inc.

    Automotive Fasteners is a distributor of fasteners and industrial supplies including screw products. Screws offered include concrete screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, sems screws and sheet metal screws as well as thumb screws, set screws and self-drilling screws. Wood screws available include both slotted and philips types with round or oval heads as well as particle board screws featuring steeply pitched, widely spaced threads.

  • Ford Fasteners, Inc.

    Ford Fasteners is a manufacturer and distributor of fastener and screw products. Products available include tapping screws, self-drilling screws, thread cutting screws and self-piercing screws.  Self-piercing screw products offered include indented hex washer head and philips pancake head types made of stainless steel.

  • Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp.

    Mil-Spec Fasteners Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor of fastener and screw products. Screw products offered include machine screws, hexagon socket cap screws, set screws, captive screws, sem screws and miniature screws. Sem screws are available in external, internal and split lockwasher varieties. Set screws feature flat, cone, cup, half-dog and oval tips.

  • Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc.

    Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. is supplier of screws, nuts and bolts. Screw products available include hex cap, serrated hex, 12 point flange, and flat cap styles. Hex cap screws are offered in SAE grade 5 and 8 as well as aluminum, brass, L-9, hastelloy, monel, titianium, silicone bronze and a variety of stainless steels.

  • The Precision Alliance

    The Precision Alliance is a supplier of products such as screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turn table bearings, specialty gears, and related components. Available screws products include special materials screws, miniature screws, vented screws for vacuum applications, low head screws and captive/full thread screws. Vented screws feature ventilation holes for vacuum chamber, clean rooms, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices and other applications. Captive/full thread screws are available in sizes from M3-M10 in various head styles.

  • Rainbow Electronics & Fasteners Corp.

    Rainbow Electronics is a distributor of electronic and mechanical hardware products including screws, fasteners, standoffs, spacers, electronics components, custom machined parts, and cable ties. Screws products available are made of zinc, titanium, brass, nylon, aluminum and stainless steel. Screw styles include socket, jack, sems, captive, machine, shoulder, torx and hex head in addition to others.

  • All-Tech Specialty Fasteners LLC

    All-Tech Specialty Fasteners LLC is a screw, fastener and electronic hardware distributor for high tech industries such as the aerospace, medical, telecomm, electronic and instrumentation industries. Screw products offered include concrete screws, cap screws, machine screws, sems screws, furniture screws, deck screws and socket screws in addition to a variety of others.

  • EPS

    EPS is a custom manufacturer of screw and fastener products. Screw products available include button, 12 point spline, countersunk, fillister, hex, binding, oval, pan, wafer, truss, round and others. A selection of screw drive styles are also offered such as interior and exterior six lobe as well as philips, square, hex socket, tamper proof and special types.

  • Best Bolt Products, Inc.

    Best Bolt Products is a screw, fastener and industrial product supplier. Available screw products include, u-drive screws, floorboard screws, thumb screws, self tapping screws, sheet metal screws, machine screws, thread cutting screws, deck screws, thread rolling screws and sems screws as well as self drilling and piercing screws.

  • Allied Bolt & Screw Corp.

    Allied Bolt & Screw is a supplier of screws and fastener products. Screw products available include Spax, Fastap, wood screws, machine screws, thumb screws, lathe screws, tamperproof screws, socket head screws, framing screws, grounding screws, sheet metal screws and others. Thread cutting screws are available in Type F, 23 and 25 as well as pan, flat, hex slotted, philips in steel or stainless steel.

  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions is a manufacturer and distributor of screws, nuts, bolts and hydraulic fittings as well as components for the aircraft, aerospace and military industries. Screw products available include cap screws and socket screws. Cap screws include hex and hex lag types. Socket screws are available in standard, shoulder, socket set, button head, low head and flat head styles.

  • UltraTech Industries Co

    Ultra Tech Industries is a distributor of screws and fasteners. Screw products offered include construction screws, socket screws and cap screws. Construction screw products available include weld screws, toggle screws, sems screws, drop-in anchor screws and masonry screws as well as a variety of others. Screws available in a range of materials such titanium, bronze, naval brass, plastic, copper, stainless steel and others.

  • Delta Fastener Corp.

    Delta Fastener Corp. is a distributor of screw and fastener products. Screw products available include pan, binder, hex, truss, oval, fillister, flat and round head screws as well as shoulder, thumb and sems styles. Standard, flat, button and spline socket cap screws are also offered.

  • Pro Cut Saw & Tool

    Pro Cut Saw & Tool is a manufacturer, distributor and service center of screws, cutting tools, power tools and accessories. available screw products include standard self tapping screws, weather resistant self tapping screws and self tapping screw kits. standard self tapping screws feature an auger point and flush seating flat head with a #2 square drive recess manufactured in steel with a dri-lube finish.

  • W.M. Berg, Inc.

    W.M. Berg, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial screws and components. Screw products offered include machine screws, set screws, integral seal screws, captive screws, shoulder screws, and thumb screws. Integral seal screws are made of stainless steel and feature silicone 0-rings with slotted pan heads.

  • Fort Payne Hardware Co., Inc.

    Fort Payne Hardware is a stocking distributor of screws, fasteners and industrial supplies. Screw products offered include lag screws, hex head cap screws, sheet metal screws, Tek screws, wood screws, machine, screws, socket set screws, masonry screws and other screws.

  • Hardware Specialty Co., Inc.

    Hardware Specialty Co. is a a distributor of screws, fasteners, electronics hardware and components. Available screw products include captive screws in styles such as miniature, heat sink and flush. Captive screws are available with options such as stainless or heat treated steel construction, numerous head styles and metric or imperial sizing.

  • DMB Supply, Inc

    DMB Supply, Inc. is a distributor of screws and fasteners. Screw products include hex cap, socket cap, machine, sheet metal and wood types in addition to welding, flange, drywall, floorboard, lag, particle board, self piercing, thread cutting, self tapping, thread rolling, u-drive and wing screw styles.