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  • Ford Fasteners, Inc.

    Ford Fasteners, Inc. offers tapping and self-piercing screws in type A & B sheet metal 410 bright hardened stainless steel, indented hex washer head, and Phillips pancake head screw configurations. Slotted indented hex washer tapping screws come in sizes ranging from 8-15 x 1/2 to 10-12 x 1/2, 410 stainless steel materials, slotted washers, and 1/4" A/F head types. Phillips pancake head self-piercing screws have 3 point types, and they range in size from 10 x 1 to 12 x 1.

  • Blue Ribbon Fastener Co.

    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. type A/AB pan Phillips, type AB oval Phillips, type AB hex washer unslotted, type A/AB flat undercut Phillips, and type A/AB flat Phillips self-tapping screws. These screws are constructed from black oxide and 18-8 stainless steel materials. Blue Ribbon also offers Type AB oval undercut Phillips, Type AB truss Phillips, Type AB hex washer slotted, Type AB serrated hex wash slot, etc.

  • Clarcorp Industrial Sales

    Clarcorp Industrial Sales offers Type A, Type B, and Type AB self-tapping screws. Type A #14 indented hex washer types range in size from 5/8" to 5", and they have Rockwell C45 case hardness ratings. These screws are manufactured to SAE J933 and ASME B18.6.4 specifications. Type AB #10 Phillips flat head self-tapping screws come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4", and they have a fully threaded/zinc plated construction.