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Self locking fasteners are designed primarily to resist loosening from vibration and other external forces.

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  • Diamond Fasteners

    Diamond Fasteners offers: NAS1190 self-locking screws, MS21093 self-locking screws, MS21090 self-locking screws, MS18064 self-locking set screws, and MS16997 socket head cap self-locking screws. Screws are made of a variety of materials, including: alloy steel, cadmium plating, carbon steel, FED-STD-66, UNC-3A, etc. The maximum diameter is 0.3750. Other products offered by Diamond Fasteners include: 6 lobe pan/flat self-tapping screws, hexweash serrated self-drilling screws, combination pan head self-tapping screws, etc.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers self-locking inserts in carbon steel and 303 stainless steel materials. The internal thread sizing ranges from 1/4 to 28, the external thread sizing ranges from 1/4 to 32, and maximum length offered is 64".

  • Marketing Masters, Inc.

    Marketing Masters, Inc. offers Torlon self-locking fasteners. Torlon fasteners are light, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, able to withstand high torque loads, and can retain stiffness up to 500°F. Because of these properties, Marketing Masters Torlon fasteners are perfect for applications in the aerospace, electronic, transportation, process, and heavy metal industries.

  • Nyltite Corp. of America

    Nyltite Corp. of America offers snap bushings are hole-liners that are designed to stay in place with no pressure. They function as an electrical, mechanical, grommet, bearing, or bushing insulator. Bushings have a nominal size range from 0.073 to 1.000, a maximum inner diameter of 1.005, and a maximum outer diameter of 1.075.