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Fasteners constructed from stainless steel: a rust, corrosion, and stain-resistant material that is commonly found in military, aerospace, commercial, and OEM applications.

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  • Ford Fasteners, Inc.

    Ford Fasteners, Inc. offers stainless steel fasteners in the following configurations: self-piercing screws, S'TOPS stainless caps, and Ford '410' bright hardened stainless steel self-drilling screws. S'TOPS stainless caps come in sizes ranging from 1/4-14 x 1 to 8-18 x 3/4, indented hex washer types, and 1-3 point types. These caps feature tops constructed from 300 stainless steel materials, and they have head sizes ranging from 1/4" to 5/16" A/F.

  • Blue Ribbon Fastener Co.

    Blue Ribbon Fastener Co. offers anchors, blind rivets, and machine screws. These anchors are constructed from a wide range of materials, including: 18-8 stainless steel, mandrel, steel zinc, lead, zamac, nylon, 303/304 stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel zinc, etc. Machine screws are offered in the following types: round slotted, pan slotted, fillister slotted, flat undercut slotted, round phillips, truss phillips, pan Torx, round combination, etc.

  • Wyandotte Industries Inc

    Wyandotte Industries, Inc. offers NTE Series thin light hexagon, NU Series heavy hexagon, and NE Series light hexagon locknuts. NU Series heavy hexagon locknuts are constructed from half-hardened brass, medium (heat treated) carbon steel, stainless steel, or maximum carbon steel materials. Finishing options include: plain, oil, cadmium, zinc/yellow, zinc/clear, or black oxide. These locknuts feature thread sizes ranging from 0.750 to 2.5, nominal hexagon sizes ranging from 1.250" to 4", and thicknesses ranging from 1" to 3.093".

  • Nova Fasteners Co., Inc.

    Nova Fasteners Co., Inc. offers toggle wings, stud wedge anchors, and flat head sleeve anchors. Stud wedge anchors come in sizes ranging from 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" to 7/8" x 8", thread lengths ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/4", and minimum embedment sizes ranging from 1-1/8" to 4". These anchors feature a steel zinc construction, and they can be ordered in hot dipped galvanized or 316 stainless steel materials.

  • Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc.

    Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. offers metric stainless hex bolts (partially threaded), metric stainless flat head socket cap screws, metric stainless button head socket cap screws, and metric stainless split lock washers. Metric stainless flat head socket cap screws are constructed from A2/A4 stainless steel materials, and they feature a plain finish. These cap screws range in diameter-pitch from M2 to M16 and in length from 4 to 100 mm. Coburn-Meyers also offers stainless steel threaded rods, metric stainless steel threaded rods, metric stainless nylon insert lock nuts, etc.

  • UltraTech Industries Co

    Ultra Tech Industries offers nuts, locknuts, bolts, cap screws, and Oxy-Fuel cutting anchors constructed from plastic, nylon, or metal materials. Nuts available include: keps, kam, heavy hex, flanged, finished hex, slotted, panel, nylon insert, machine screw, wheel, weld, U-clip, T-nut, strut, custom, etc. These nuts are constructed from a wide range of materials, including: steel, stainless steel, silicone bronze, nylon, monel, inconel, hastelloy, exotics, copper, bronze, brass, alloy, etc.

  • Automotive Fasteners, Inc.

    Automotive Fasteners, Inc. offers tamper-resistant screws, self-drilling screws, and 18-8 stainless steel hex head cap screws. Tamper-resistant machine screws come in the following styles: Torx tamper-proof, one-way, Phillips pin-head, socket pin-head, Snake Eyes spanners, etc. 18-8 stainless steel hex head cap screws range in diameter from 1/4" to 1-1/4", and they range in length from 3/8" to 6".

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply Company offers socket head cap screws, set screws, and hex head cap screws. Stainless steel set screws feature fine or coarse thread types, they have rotating part applications, and nylon tip, cup, or brass tip point types. These screws come in thread sizes ranging from 1/4 to 32, lengths ranging from 3/8" to 1", hex sizes ranging from 1/16" to 3/16", and point diameters ranging from 1/16" to 1/8".

  • Arlington Fastener Co.

    Arlington Fastener Co. offers stainless steel fasteners in the following configurations: threaded rods, thread forming screws, thread cutting screws, sheet metal screws, and machine screws. Thread forming screws are available in a wide range of head types, including: square, headless, socket, fillister, bugle, raised, oval, conical, flat, truss, round, dome, button, etc. These screws come in lengths up to 3", diameters up to 3/8", and nylon, bronze, brass, Titanium, or stainless steel materials.

  • Global Industrial

    Global Industrial offers EZ-Lok stainless steel thread inserts in the following configurations: fine/coarse thread 316 stainless steel, metric external/internal thread, metric U.S. external/internal thread, fine thread 303 stainless steel, and coarse thread 303 stainless steel. E-Z Lok coarse thread 303 stainless steel inserts are typically used for thread repair in metal working applications. These inserts are dependable, durable, and they range in size from 1/4 to 40.

  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions, Inc. offers hex head bolts constructed from 6AL-4V, titanium, stainless steel, and alloy steel materials. These bolts have heat treat specification ratings ranging from 130 to 180 KSI, and they can be ordered with the following plating options: clean, diffused nickel, cadmium, aluminum, black oxide, passivated, etc.