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A washer is a thin disk-shaped plate with a hole in the middle that is used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut.

A washer is a thin disk-shaped plate with a hole in the middle that is used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut.

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  • Minneapolis Washer & Stamping, Inc.

    Minneapolis Washer & Stamping Inc. manufactures specialty washers including belleville washers, C-shape washers, cup washers, D-shape washers, flat washers, rectangle washers, square washers, tab washers, and wave washers. The company's family of standard washers includes fender washers, SAE washers, and STD washers.

  • Willie Washer

    Willie Washer Manufacturing Co. stocks more than 40,000 special washers and stampings. Washer types include non metallic washer, special spring washers, conical/belleville washers, flat washers, tab washers, cup washers, and wave washers.

  • Boker's, Inc.

    Boker's manufactures custom washers including standard flat, specialty flat, finishing, lock/tab, beveled, countersunk, spring, and miscellaneous types.

  • M.D. Hubbard Spring Co., Inc.

    M.D. Hubbard Spring Co. distributes bowed washers used to apply tension between two rotating or static surfaces. The company also stocks slotted washers that provide soft, uniform friction between two surfaces.

  • Armour Screw Co.

    Armour Screw Co. stocks a host of standard and custom washer types including: arc, flat machine, load measuring, screw, belleville, SAE flat, lock helical, sealing, bevel, USS flat, lock tooth, conical, grommet, metric, split, dock, hexagon, neoprene, spring, external, hi-collar, non-metallic, stamping, fender, insulating, plain, structural, fiber, internal, retaining ring, wave, and finishing.

  • Precision Specialties

    An authorized distributor for AVK, Oetiker, Tinnerman, and Palnut, Precision Specialties distributes wave spring washers, belleville spring washers, curved spring washers, and finger spring washers.

  • Disc Lock International

    Disc Lock International's line of self-locking washers include stainless steel washers that are available in sizes ranging from 3/16" to 5/8", and standard washers that prevent loosening caused by shock or vibration in high stress applications. The standard washers are available in sizes ranging from 3mm to 38mm.

  • George H. Seltzer & Co.

    George H. Seltzer manufactures extra thick, inch-sized flat steel washers available with inside diameters from 1/64" to 1/32". The washers are machined from 12L14 cold rolled steel bar.

  • Garvin Industries

    Gravin Industries manufactures electrical trade washers including round and octagon fender washers, lock washers, bar joist washers, square strut washers, and reducing washers. The various washers are available with outside and inside diameters ranging from 1/4" to 6". The washers are manufactured from commercial quality steel.

  • Bauer Springs, Inc.

    Bauer Springs Inc. develops and produces conical spring washers constructed from steel C60. The washers are available with flattening force ranging from 920 N to 280,000 N - with dimensions ranging from 2.2 mm to 31 mm.

  • Spring Engineers of Houston, Ltd.

    Spring Engineers of Houston's line of spring washers includes belleville washers, wave washers, and curved washers. The wave washers are used to apply moderate thrust loads when radial space is limited, while the curved washers exert a light thrust load to absorb axial end play.

  • Associated Spring, Barnes Group, Inc.

    Associated Spring specializes in metal stamping operations and produces a line spring washers that includes belleville, curved, wave, finger, and disc spring types.

  • Melfast, Inc.

    Melfast offers a full line of washers, including bevel, bonded neoprene, external tooth lock, internal tooth lock, medium split lock, finish cup, and rack screw shoulder washers.