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  • Seastrom Mfg. Co., Inc.

    Seastrom Washers offer both crescent and dome spring washers. Crescent spring washers are designed to have the best deflection for its size, and has a linear spring rate over its total deflection range. Available materials are beryllium copper, spring steel and stainless steel in 17-7PH/301-304. Dome spring washers have a high load capacity with only small amounts of deflection, and are available only in spring steel.

  • All American Washer Werks, Inc.

    All American Washer Werks offers a variety of spring washers in thicknesses ranging from 0.008 through 0.010, in materials including mechanical zinc, yellow zinc and tempered phosphorous bronze.

  • Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.

    Superior Washer & Gasket have spring washers in one wave (0.067" to 0.635"), three wave (0.095" to 1.150") and belleville washers (0.91" to 2.980").

  • Daco Precision - Tool

    Daco Precision has spring washers in belleville and wave styles. Belleville washers are used to create spring force in restricted system, and are available in beryllium copper, high carbon steel, spring tempered phosphorus bronze and stainless steel. Wave washers are used for thrust loading projects with small deflections in limited radial space. Both the belleville and wave washers are available in sizes between 0.008" and 0.250" thickness.

  • Bauer Springs, Inc.

    Bauer Springs have conical spring washers available in spring steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy, with finishes including blank oiled, phosphate/oil and mechanical zinc plate. Available sizes are between 5mm and 17mm.

  • Willie Washer

    Willie Washer Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of special spring washers in standard and custom sizes from 0.002" and up, in spring steel, 410 stainless, 17-7 stainless, phosphorus bronze and beryllium copper.

  • The Stanlock Group

    The Stanlok Group has helical spring lock washers in regular/light carbon steel, large light carbon steel, large/heavy/hi-collar/extra heavy carbon steel and regular lock washers in 304ss/silicon bronze. Available sizes are #2 to 1 1/2", and are available in plain or zinc plating.

  • Precision Specialties

    Precision Specialties has wave spring washers for greater load bearing capabilities, because of its three point contact and sharp curve form. Standard wave washers have between three and six waves, but Precision Specialties can custom make any number of waves per washer. Available materials are stainless steel 300 and 1050/1074/1095 spring steel.

  • M.D. Hubbard Spring Co., Inc.

    M.D. Hubbard Spring offer spring washers in bowed, wave, disc/belleville and slotted styles. Bowed spring washers have minimum load buildup with maximum deflection. Wave washers have more load buildup and less deflection, for thrust loading applications. Disc/belleville are for maximum load buildup with minimum deflection. Slotted washers provide soft, uniform friction between two surfaces and less load buildup and flexibility than standard disc washers.

    All M.D. Hubbard spring washers are available in spring steel  (SAE 1074) and stainless steel (301/302).

  • Armour Screw Co.

    Armour Screw Company have a variety of spring washers available in belleville, wave, lock-helical, load measuring, plain and hi-collar styles. Industries served include appliance, automotive, beverage, electrical, HVAC, medical and playground fabrication.

  • HK Metalcraft Manufacturing Corp.

    HK Metalcraft offers a series of spring washers including Hi-Stak Spring Pak (belleville/conical), slotted belleville disc and cylindrically curved. Hi-Stak Spring Pak spring washers are available in a range of sizes, in any spring-quality metal and are used in the place of coil springs or where space constraints are an issue. Slotted belleville conical spring washers are created to reduce load in relation to the number and size used. Cylindrically curved spring washers are used to provide the most uniform spring constants over the widest range of deflection.

  • Boker's, Inc.

    Boker's Incorporated offers a range of spring washers in SAE and disc styles. Boker's can also custom make washers if the standard set does not fit your project.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply Company has spring washers in single-wave (#10 through 0.31"), belleville disc (0.0074" through 1.970"), polysorb (10mm through 40mm) and metric (sizes M4 through M12).

  • Spring Engineers of Houston, Ltd.

    Spring Engineers of Houston have spring washers in belleville, wave and curved styles. Belleville washers are used for high load/low deflection projects; wave washers are used to apply moderate thrust loads with minimum space parameters; and curved washers are used to exert a light thrust load to absorb axial end play.

  • Associated Spring, Barnes Group, Inc.

    Associated Spring has a variety of spring washers including belleville, curved, wave, finger and disc styles. They can also custom make spring washers if provided with a blueprint or sketch.