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Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

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  • Baker Perkins

    Baker Perkins manufactures and supplies over 500 systems in deposited confectionary to produce a selection of hard candy, lollipops, butterscotch as well as gum and jellies with centre-fillings, muli-colors, stripes, layers, and sugar-free options. Complete lines (which include cooking and depositing equipment) for confectionery goods include chewing gum, gums, jellies, hard candy, lollipops, sugar-free candy, toffee and caramel. Confectionery cooking equipment includes ServoGel for gums and jellies, MicroFilm for hard candy, and Carablend for soft candy, toffee and caramel. Confectionary depositing equipment includes Universal ServoForm, ServoGel, ServoForm Confectionery Depositing Range, and ServoForm Lollipop Depositor.

  • PTL


    PTL designs and manufactures a variety of chocolate-processing equipment, bar manufacturing equipment, and auxilary equipment. Chocolate processing equipment includes kettles and melters for melting, batch and continuous tempering, wheel and pump enrobers, chips/cluster/mass/rotary depositing, moulding and cooling tunnels and towers. Bar manufacturing equipment such as forming, slab cooling, cutting, enrobing and chocolate cooling is utilized for the automatic production of nutritional, health, protein, muesli, granola and confectionery bars.


  • Schebler Food Equipment

    Schebler Food Equipment supplies customized equipment for confectionery, baking and snack food industries. Product line of cooling tunnels includes cooling tunnels with counter flow air current or direct impingement as well as cooling tunnels in multi-tier designs to meet demads for higher heat loading cooling of dense items and customized heat transfer rates. Schebler's confectionery coating equipment includes high-capacity drum coaters, belt coaters/polishers, sugar coaters/sanders and melt tanks for hard sugar coatings on soft candy, sugar sanding on treats and even coating of chocolate or yogurt on candies and snacks.

  • Corio Bakery Equipment

    Corio Bakery Equipment builds cooling tunnels and specializes in coating systems for chocolate and baking industries. Their custom cooling tunnels are ideal for different applications including chocolate cooling tunnels, custom built cooling tunnels and hot melt cooling with custom built bakery, food processing, food handling, and food packaging conveyors. Chocolate equipment includes individual machines or an entire line of chocolate machinery which involves pre bottomer, enrobers and cooling tunnels of sizes 10 to 100 feet. Line of enrobers includes their CPE-16 series for high productions, the CPE-24 Series for a versatile selection of chocolates, and CC-series for enrobing, glazing and depositing.

  • VEC (Varsha Engineering Company)

    VEC (Varsha Engineering Company) supplies a variety of chocolate making machines including chocolate refiner conches, chocolate molding lines, chocolate enrobers, and cooling tunnels as well as chocolate melting and storage tanks. VEC Refiner / Conches are available in 100 kg, 250 kg, 500kg and 1000kg capacities. The VEC Automatic Chocolate Molding Line is available in widths of 300 and 450 mm. There are four models of chocolate enrobers with three-shift operation of band widths from 250mm to 850 mm, total enrobing, bottom enrobing and partial/edge enrobing. VEC Cooling Tunnel Equipment are offered in customized lengths and  bandwidths from 220 mm up to 1,000 mm ideal for precision cooling of a variety of chocolate, chocolate-coated and crème products.

  • Prefamac

    Prefamac distributes standard and customized chocolate machines. Chocolate machinery includes: automatic tempering machines in 30 and 60 kg; melting kettles for chocolate, jams and cremes; tempering kettles of up to 150 kg of chocolate; enrobing machines; cooling tunnels; tailor made transportation systems with pearled stainless steel construction; industrial flaking machines for basic and curl flaking with various thickness of the flakes; and chocolate drops/sticks/flakes line.

  • Loynds

    Loynds sells both new and used confectionery equipment including candy and chocolate processing, wrapping and ancillary equipment. Lollipop are produced in a ball lollipop line or flat lollipop line. Candy machinery includes cut and pillow pack machine, sugar pulling machine, coating/polishing pans, cut and twist wrap machines, cut and fold machine, candy depositing machinge, hollow gum ball line, batch roller, rope sizer, drop roller machine and candy cane line. Chocolate machinery includes chocolate refiner conches, one shot moulding machine/line, chocolate enrobing and cooling line, chocolate pumps, chocolate tanks, easter egg spinning machine and ball mills. Confectionery cookers includes candy cookers and continuous twin pot hard candy cooking line. They also offer machinery for wrapping and packaging of lollipops, candys and etc.

  • Wolf

    Wolf manufactures and distributes confectionery machines - tempering machines, enrobers for small and high duty, coating cabins, cooling tunnels in four types, depositors for small and large drops, decorating devices, portiomat for nut clusters, and sugar coolers. Tempering machines includes Disc Tempering Machine UST, UF/UW tempering machines, and Worm-type tempering machines.

  • Nielsen

    Nielsen manufactures chocolate equipment for baking and confectionery markets. Product line entails chocolate enrobers, cooling tunnels for a wide range of products, temerping machines, chocolate tanks with melting and mixing kettles, molding lines and depositors, roller depositor line for small chocolates or compound centers, bar lines and rotary molders, chocolate pumps, and auxiliary equipment such as chocolate tempermeter, detemepering unit, compound conditioner, sprinklling device and chocolate stringer.

  • Ilyas Brothers Engineering

    Ilyas Brothers Engineering manufactures and exports confectionery machinery for the production of candy, toffee, ball-gums, bubble-gums, candy depositing, toffee chews, and pops.

  • Nuova Euromec

    Nuova Euromec designs and manufactures confectionery equipment with a standard production range that covers  tempering and pre-extrusion, extrusion, shaping, sizing, forming, cooling, and post cooling and conditioning. They offer forming lines for hard candy (such as sugar, sugar-free, candy and lollipops) and soft candy (such as chewy, caramel, chewing-gum adn bubble-gum).

  • Enesen

    Enesen produces chocolate machinery with an extensive line of products including powder sugar mills, butter melting tanks, chocolate mixers, strage tanks, chocolate moulding lines, enrobing machines, drop machines, bar lines, and hazelnut and sesame mills.

  • Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec

    Supplying confectionary equipment on a global scale, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec has an extensive selection of machinery for complete batching, blending, cooking, forming, cooling, and wrapping of hard candy as well as traditional and fully automatic sugar or chocolate coating.

  • Vijesh & Company

    Vijesh & Company manufactures confectionery equipment for candy plants and toffee plants. Machinery includes batch stirrer, cooker with vaccuum, cooling plates, batch rollers, rope sizers, die, tablet forming machines, cut and wrap machine, blade grinding machine, and twisting machine.

  • Carle & Montanari

    With a specialization in cocoa and chocolate, Carle & Montanari build equipment for the tranformation, processing, moulding and packaging of chocolate. The cocoa is pressed with its cocoa hydraulic press then passed along to the mixers, pre-refiners, refiners, conches, and temperers. Mouldign entails cavemils, depositors, one shot technology, fast shell technology and coolers. The final step includes wrapping machines and secondary packaging.

  • Hacos

    As a supplier in the chocolate industry, Hacos provides machinery for the molding, enrobing, depositing, cooling, melting, tempering, and piping of chocolate. Moulding equipment includes automatic, semi-automatic and hand molding models. Depositors are offered with a fill pump, fill drop or one shot technology.

  • Sollich

    Sollich's chocolate production line includes chocolate enrobing lines, cooling tunnels, chocolate tempering, bar manufacturing, praline forming, molding plants, sprinkling and decorating, chocolate forming systems, chocolate pumps, and mixing and dosing.

  • Rasch

    As a specialist in chocolate wrapping, Rasch offers wrapping machines, feeding systems and components. Wrapping machines come in a variety of models that are capable of wrapping various chocolate forms in numerous chocolate styles.

  • Krüger & Salecker

    Krüger & Salecker provides a complete line of confectionery machines, molding toolds and conveying systems. Confectionary machines range from extrusion machines, fully automatic production lines and cutting devices to dosing systems that includes belt sprinklers, powder sprinklers, dosing systems, vibrating tables, and powder drums.

  • Beacon Engineering Co., Inc.

    Beacon Engineering designs and manufactures  production machinery for the aerosol and confectionery industries. Candy products consist of batch rollers for batches of hard candy and caramel, puff cutters for candy puffs without twists, rope sizers, stickmasters to twist candy sticks, cooling conveyors for cooling and straightening candy sticks, and cane formers for candy canes.