Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment

Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

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  • Awema

    Awema specializes in confectionery machinery which includes depositing machines, multi production lines, single/double demolding, nut depositors, painting and decorating and spinning machines. Awema's MINI or UDM depositing machines are fully automated with one shot technology incorporated into its filled items.

  • Nicomac

    Amongst Nicomac's extensive product line of equipment, confectionery coating machinery is supplied for candy manufacturers. Candy coating equipment includes candy manufacturing equipment, film coating, and sugar coating automatic system.

  • Confitech

    Confitech produces a range of confectionery machines and automatic processing lines for hard candys, milk hard cnady, soft candy and crunchy candy. Products include vaccuum cooker, kneading machines, automatic feeders, mixers for flavours and colors and continuous cooling drums.

  • DTG

    DTG manufactures and supplies confectionery equiment from belt coaters and polishers to batch cookers and coil cookers. Finn belt coaters are Dragee-type chocolate panning machines with a capacity of 78 to 710 liters that cover centers with chocolate, yogurt or chocolate-flavoured goods. After coating the good, the Finn belt polishers are then used to polish and glaze the chocolate covered good.

  • Wenger

    Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. distributes extrusion processing equipment, dryers and coolers. Extrusion systems include models with twin screw, OPTIMA, pelletizers, and expanders. Wenger enrobing systems includes Series VII dryers and coolers, TrueTemp dryers, industrial dryers, Cascade dryers and coolers and enrober dryers.

  • Newsmith Stainless

    Newsmith Stainless manufactures industrial washing, drying and handling equipment for the chocolat industries. Chocolate washers consisted of general purpose washers, multi-purpose washers, high volume washers, spray washers and pallet washers.

  • MF Hamburg

    MF Hamburg offers a complete production line for chocolate and confectionery industries. Machinery consists of coating machines and lines, tempering machines, cooling tunnel with computer calculations, cooling plates and equipment and tempermeter for crystalizations.

  • Mirza A. & Sons

    Mirza A. & Sons is a manufacturer of confectionery machinery with an emphasis on batch wise and continuous cooking of candy and toffee products. Their line of products include a sugar boiling and mixing machine, automatic continuous vaccuum cooker, three stage cooling tunnel, vaccuum batch cooker, rope sizer, pulling machine, batch roller, salvo mate dissolver, kneading machine, mixer for flavor and colors and candy forming machine.

  • Zhongshan Multiweigh

    Zhongshan Multiweigh specializes in multi-head weighers such as weighing machines, vertical form fill seal machine, linear wiegher, check weigher, automatic weigher, combination weigher, linear scale, VFFS and packaging systems.

  • K&Kurt Makina

    K&Kurt Makina designs and develops candy bar line for chocolate coated goods, depositing and center filling of toffee lines, chocolate coating enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, special marshmallow sandwich machines and mixers, chewing gum lines, soft candy lines, hard candy lines and chocolate packaging. They sell new and used confectionery machinery such as refiners, tempering machines, conches, extruders, formers, depositors and mixers.

  • WDS

    WDS provides confectionery plants and specializes in molding plants. They offer two models of solid chocolate manufacturing and utilize one shot or triple shot technology for includsions and filled products. For hard candies, toffee, fondant and toffee masses, WDS offers another two models for molding line.

  • Klöckner Hänsel Processing

    Klöckner Hänsel Processing supplies confectionery machinery and systems for the production of hard candy, jelly or deposited jelly masses, toffee, cararmel, chewy candy and bar or aerated masses. Their collection of machine types haldel the weighing, dissolving, cooking, vaccuuming, mixing, aerating, laminatting, caramelising, tempering and packaging of the confectionery items.

  • Bauermeister

    A specialist in crushing technology, Bauermeister offers a comprehensive line of food grinding equipment that grind down items to a desired particle size or for grinding of products with fat content such as cocoa and hazelnut. Product line includes UM universal mill, GM gap mill, UCOM compact grinding system, CL classifier, grinding and classifying plant, UML laboratory mills, and beater blade mill.