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  • Wolf

    Wolf Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. manufactures and distributes enrobers and coating cabins amongst other confectionary equipments. Wolf enrobers include the high performance Enrober 3 for non-stop operation and triples shift usage. All models feature Siemens PLC control, double curtains, high performance blower, licking roller, high frequency vibration, additional heating package, accessibility on all sides for easy mainetenance and additional accessories. Compact enrobers are also available in working widths 320 or 420 mm. Wolf also offers five models or types of DRA coating cabins and five types of BPM. The coating cabins feature manual or fully automatic process control, a programmable logic controller or PLC that can store up to 30 recipes, combination of spraying and pouring methods of fat-based masse, and automatic inside scraper with a heater. The polishing machine BPM adds additional features to the coating system such as a PLC controlled polishing process and manually added polishing agent.

  • Nicomac

    Nicomac manufactures a line of confectionary coating machinery for chocoloate coating, peanuts coating, nuts coating, almonds coating, hazelnut coating and gum coating. Their candy manufacturing equipment is designed with PLC-PC control system for reliability and high quality sugar or thin film coating for hard and soft candy. Coating process equipment is an ideal addition to candy manufacturing equipment, sugar coating spraying, film coating and sugar coating automatic systems.

  • Sollich

    Sollich produces a selection of chocolate enrobing equipment in various belt widths. For small production volumes, the Minicoaster is available in both 320 mm and 420 mm widths. The Temperstatic® Turbo is available in machine widths of 520 mm and 620 mm. A line of large scale chocolate enrobing systems with belt widths from a range of 820 to 2600 mm includes a Bottom Coater for bottom coating, compact Temperstatic T5, Enromat B5 Basic, Enromat M5 Custom, Enromat M5-CIP with washable high performacne, and Enromat M5-Magnum for high speed duties. Sollcotop  is aslo manufactured in working widths from 400 to 1800 mm for operating speeds up to 12 m/min and is ideal for chocolate enrobing of either half coated products or for strip coating. Sollich also offers ice cream enrobing line of belt speeds up to 30m/min  and machine widths of 320 mm to 1800 mm.


  • Hacos

    Hacos provides enrobing machines such as its HE 300 compact enrober and ROBY enrober. Specifically designed for chocolate enrobing, the HE 300 is a compact enrober with 300 mm grill, stainless steel construction, touch screen command panel. The ROBY enrober are available in grill widths of 450, 620 or 820 mm for full or  partial enrobing as well as bottoming.

  • Klöckner Hänsel Processing

    Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH supplies individual machines and complete processing systems for the confectionery industry. Its laminating equipment features the Sucroliner for uniform consistency of sugar mass on hard candies.

  • Enesen

    Enesen supplies the CCE 600 chocolate enrobing machine featuring stainless steel chocolate celss, double jacketed chocolate pump, base covering system, tail cutting system, warm or cool air blowing, speed control, heat control and a central command panel. Technical specifications include a band speed of 0.75 - 2 m/minute, tunnel length of 8.5 meter, cooling capacity of 10,000Kcl, and a production capacity of 400kg.

  • Loynds

    Loynds International Ltd supplies new and used machinery for the candy and chocolate industry. For the candy industry, Loynds supplies its Loypack CP1000 stainless steel coating pangs to coat products with sugar or chocoloate with a three phase motor and gearbox. For the chocolate industry, Loynds supplies the Loypack Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel in widths from 200 to 1200 mm. The enrobing systems is built with stainless steel construction and features  adjustable flow double chocolate curtain, adjustable blower system for the removal of excess chocolate, vibration , variable speed detailer bar to remove chocolate tail, heated cabinet, water jacketed enrober tank with self contained heating system and control, stainless steel mesh conveyor belt, variable in speed from 0-7 metres per minute, and a removable pull out sump.

  • Corio Bakery Equipment

    Corio Equipment Manufacturing offers the CC-24 Chocolate machine with a chocolate transfer system that transfers chocolate from the storage tank to the enrobing hopper. The enrober holds 90 lbs of chocolate in the heated water tank and features a production rate of 90 to 1800 lbs of chocolate per day. The CC-24 features a digital temperature heat controller, heated water jacketed tank to maintain accurate chocolate temperature, stainless steel construction, control panel, voltage 220v 40 amps 3 phase and custom conveyor widths.

  • Nielsen

    Nielsen offers a line of enrobers such as its Baby Flex, Tempa 420, Junior, Master and Bottomer. Ideal for small productions, the Baby Flex enrobing machine features a band width of 320 mm and a 1500 mm take-off table with plastic conveyor and paper roll. The Tempa 420 id dieal for total enrobing, partial enrobing, side and bottom enrobing with a maximum capacity of 200 kg of chocolate an hour. For medium productions, the Junior is idea for all enrobing jobs. The Master is the universal enorber for chocolate and compound masses and it features a bandwidth of 850 – 1500 mm. The Bottomer enrobse the bottom and the sides of the product and is available in many different bandwidth executions.

  • Confitech

    Confitech provides coating confectionery machines like the crunchy candy laminating equipment for crunchy candy. The CL.20 is an automatic processing line for honeycomb candy with crunchy texture with an output capacity of 1,200 kg per hour.

  • DTG

    DTG supplies hundreds of Finn belt coaters with a capacity range from 78 to 710 liters. The belt coaters are Dragee-type chocolate panning machines that cover various centers with chocolate, yogurt or chocolate-flavoured compounds. Features include stainless steel construction, variable speed main drive, adjustable nozzle spray bar, chocolate pump, roller belt support assembly, flow duct, flow damper, coating chamber and Allen Bradley, Siemens or Proface PLC/HMI.

  • Krüger & Salecker

    Krüger & Salecker provides a line of dosing systems amongst its confectionery machines. Belt sprinklers and powder sprinklers process coarse-grained and fine sprinkling materials. Dosing systems are ideal for coating and processing sprinkling material that contain oil. For rotationaly symmetrical products, the vibrating tables can coat with oil containing sprinkling. Powder drums coat goods with sprinkling materials in a fully automatic operating sequence.

  • MF Hamburg

    MF Hamburg's confectionery coating equipment includes the models of Starcoat, Startemp, and Starcool. Starcoat models are configured for enrobing with real chocolate with internal or external tempering, enrobing with caramel or fondant mass, bottom enrobing with external or internal tempering, or simultaneous enrobing of two masses. Startemp models are designed with smaller capacities, integrated de-crystallization zone, built in tank, water chiller, starcoat enrobing machines or for quick mass change. Starcool models incldues cooling tunnels for high capacities, with insulated covers or with stainless steel covers.

  • K&Kurt Makina

    K&Kurt Makina offers a line of chocolate enrobing machinery ideal for enrobing confectionery, bakery goods and dry fruits into chocolate, chocolate glazes and confectionery fat glazes. Enrobing machines are made of stainless steel and can be equipped with separate bath, second drain pump, stronger blowing and wiping cylinders.The four model types vary in working widths of 400 to 1300 mm.

  • Prefamac

    Prefamac chocolate enrober belts and enrobing machines for industrial and non-industrial machines. Chocolate enrober belts feature a stainless steel construction, double chocolate curtain, distribution tank, heating lamps, adjustable chocolate bath, vibrating movement and speed of 1 meter per minute. Prefamac offers enrobing machines in the switch type with one basic machine and one or more removable chocolate tanks for easy switching of chocolate types and fix type.

  • VEC (Varsha Engineering Company)

    VEC (Varsha Engineering Company) manufactures a complete range of chocolate enrobers for the chocolate, confectionery, and bakery industries. The chocolate enrobers feature precision control in the coating thickness, advanced closed water system with heat in exchanger, chocolate pumps, three shift operation with band widths from 250 to 850 mm, total enrobing, bottom enrobing, combined bottom and side enrobing, and partial or edge enrobing.

  • Schebler Food Equipment

    Schebler Food Equipment supplies confectionery coating systems such as high-capacity drum coaters, belt coaters/polishers, sugar coaters/sanders and melt tanks. Schebler drum coaters  apply uniform, thin-shell sugar coating on chewing gum, licorice and jellies with a batch capacity of 9,000 lbs. Belt coaters and publishers feature a coater and polisher belt widths of 36”, 48”, 60” and 74”. Sugar coaters and sanders turn dry sugar crystals into jellied candies with an optimal capacity of 6,000 lbs per hour. Schebler melt tanks heat large quantities of chocolate and keep the chocolate in constant motion to be fed into the coating and enrobing machines; they are available in sizes of 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 lbs and greater.

  • PTL

    PTL distribute enrobing confectionery equipment such as wheel enrobers and pump enrobers. Wheel enrobers feature an entire belt carriage, decorator, removable curtain and wheel, stainless steel construction, and easy operation without tools. Pump enrobers features a removable wire belt carriage for fast washdown, air chamber temperature climate control, one or two air knives with increased capacity fans, and access doors.