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  • PTL

    PTL specializes in chocolate processing and bar manufacturing for the confectionery industry. Amongst their bar manufacturing machinery includes a line of cutting equipment such as slitters, spreading belts, standard guillotine and ultrasonic guillotine. The PTL Slitter features easy changeover of bar pitches, control or elimination of edge trims and easy operation. PTL spreaders are endless belt with silicone coating that separates the product after the slitting. PTL high speed guillotine features an easy change blade, high speed servo drive for accurate cut lengths and blade scrapers that scrape the blade after every cut. PTL ultrasonic guillotine is idel for muesli, granola and protein bars to allow for gaps between products with chocolate coatings and sticky products.

  • Ilyas Brothers Engineering

    Ilyas Brothers Engineering offers its IBE-105, a cut and wrap machine ideal for toffee and chew toffee. The cut and wrap machine features a speed of 350rpm, twist rape and fold rape wrapping style, and a 1-5p 1450rpm drive.

  • Loynds

    Loynds provides new and used confectionery machine for chocolate and candy and also specifically supplies cutting and wrapping machines in styles of pillow-pack, twist wrap and fold wrap. The Loypack Pillow pack style cut and wrap machine is a small compact machine that forms round, square and oblong shaped pieces with nipper knives as they move along a transport conveyor; it produces lengths of 20 to 40mm, widths of 15 to 20mm and heights of 7 to 12 mm as well as specific configurations for bars up to 100 mm.  Ideal for soft candy, hard candy and gum products with a double twist wrap style, the Loypack CTW500 cut and twist wrapping machine operates at a speed of 500 wraps per minute with an optical print registration unit. The Loypack C&F500 cut and fold wrap  is similar to the Loypack CTW500 but produces soft candy, hard candy and gum products in a fold wrap style.

  • Krüger & Salecker

    Amongst the product line of confectionery machines offered by Kruger and Salecker, the SCH 0050-0800 is ideal for cutting pasty mixes, fruit mixes, fudge, soft liquorices, muesli mixes, praline paste and etc. The cutting devices includes a fully automatic operating sequence, teflonized knife, easy tool change, low maintenance, digitally adjustable length cuts and flying cut. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum and Teflon for small and big lot sizes. The devices cuts round, trapezoid or rectangular ropes in lengthwise, crosswise, diagonally or horizontally.

  • Beacon Engineering Co., Inc.

    Beacon Engineering manufactures cutting machinery for candy products of the confectionery industry. The Candy Puff Cutter is suited from high speed production of untwisted hard candy puffs. Features of the puff cutter include 1 HP motor and inverter, safety switch, lexan guard, discharge chute, and speeds up to 2500 inches per minute.

  • Vijesh & Company

    Vijesh & Company supplies toffee cutting machinery for the confectionery industry. The toffee cut and wrap machine cuts toffee rope with scissors or rotating knife to desired length. The toffee pieces are then gripped in the format with paper and packed in twisted form. The machine has a capacity of 300 to 325 wraps per minute with a DC motor of 1.5 KW, 2HP, and 1400 RPM.

  • Bauermeister

    Bauermeister specializes in grinding equipment for the industrial and food market. Food grinding machines includes the Universal Mill UM, Gap Mill GM, UCOM Compact Grinding System, CL Classifier, Grinding and Classifying Plant, UM Laboratory Mills and Beater Mills. The Beater Mills are specifically designed for the grinding of food products with fat content such as cocoa and hazelnuts.