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  • Baker Perkins

    Baker Perkins supplies over 450 confectionery despositors for chewing gum, gums and jellies, hard candy, lollipops, soft candy, sugar free candy, toffee and caramel. ServoForm depositors have a capacity of 2000 kg per hour, single tier cooling tunnel, improved mold design, low retention hopper, underband drive, and process control. The Universal ServoForm depositor is able to deposit gum base and also incorporate the gum into hard candy producing multi-colored gum pieces and striped or transparent hard candies or lollipops with gum centers. ServoGel deposits jellies to produce glazed or sanded jellies. ServoForm Lollipop depositors produce ball and flat lollipops with a smooth feel and better flavor release in a solid, center filled, striped, layered and 3D shapes.

  • PTL

    PTL supplies depositors for chocolate processing. Depositing equipment includes chips and button depositors, cluster depositor, mass and inclusions depositor and rotary depositor. The PTL chip and button depositor produces chocolate chips, wafers, buttons or drops and deposits marshmallow or water based onto moving belts, moulds or starch trays. The cluster depositor deposits chocolate with inclusions such as nuts on a belt, cup or mold. The mass and inclusions depositor is fully programmable and able to produce chocolates filled with nuts, fruit, or solid chocolate into novelty shapes. The rotary depositor processes dough and pastes with nuts or large pieces of chocolate.

  • Carle & Montanari

    Carle & Montanari offers ML rotary depositors and MEP piston depositors. The MLR rotary models feature rapid change from spot to ribbon dosing without lubrication, easy access, and simultaneous dosing with one shot or co-depositing technology. MEP piston depositors can dose a high number of products with one piston per product dosing cycles and is ideal for gods with high viscosity. It features a controlled piston stroke, brushless servo motors, electronic control of the axis, storage of 99 recipes, and temperature control.

  • Nielsen

    Nielson offers its roller depositor as a component of its chocolate equipment. The roller depositors feature two cooled stainless steel rollers with engraving and slow rotation. The roller depositors are offered in various widths and roller diameters with a capacity range from 90 to 500 kg per hour.

  • Hacos

    Hacos supplies a line of depositing equipment for chocolates. Depositors offered include the RDM mini depositor that fill molds with any cream, SAMM fill pump depositor for chocolate and creams with similar viscosity, STIMM fill drops depositor, MIDRES-9 depositor with 2D movement, and MINOS-9 one shot depositor with 2D movement. MD piston depositors include the MDB depositor on belt, MDEX extruder, MDS depositor into molds, and MDOS one shot depositor.

  • Ilyas Brothers Engineering

    Ilyas Brothers Engineering offers its IBE-402 Candy Depositor for crystal clear candies and caramel toffees in various shades. It features a production speed of 2000 kh per 8 hours, 5 hp belt variable motor, depositing pump and an electric control panel.

  • Awema

    Awema produces a line of depositing machines and a nut depositor type ND-156 amongst its product collection of confectionery machinery. The MICRO-100 is designed for small productions with a capacity up to 100 kg/h. The MINI-101 is designed for small to medium productions with a capacity of 150kg/h. The UDM-111 is designed for small to medium productions with a capacity of 800kg/h. The UDM-222 is designed for medium to large productions of thin walled filled chocolate goods with a capacity of 1600kg/h. The UDM-303 is designed for large productions with a capacity of 2000kg/h. The nut depositor deposits calibrated and peeled nuts into mold cavities with the control of a local PLC and operator panel.

  • Enesen

    Enesen provides a chocolate drop machine for the chocolate industry. The Chocolate Drop Machine CDE 400 feature a servo engine, water pump, heater, transfer band, ventilator engine, depositor, 348 pistons and a cooling tunnel of 6500mm. It has a cooling capacity of 10,000kcl and a production capacity of 500kg/hour.

  • Wolf

    Wolf supplies models of Drop Depositor DDT and Drop Depositor DD. The models of Drop Depositor DDT are ideal for small drops of 0.05 to 2g with a special nozzle shutoff system to prevent unwanted dripping. The Drop Depositor DD is ideal for large sized drops of more than 2g that can also process pastry fat masses, cooked sugar masses and semi-liquid fondants.

  • Prefamac

    Prefamac provides its chocolate drops-, sticks, and flakes line for the production of chocolate drops, sticks, small block, vermicelli and flakes at about 300 kg per hour. The Liquid 300 features isolated panels, stainless steel covers and cold store lengths on both sides.