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Tempering Equipment

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  • Sollich

    Sollich makes chocolate tempering machines such as their Turbotemper liquid machine which features improved heat resistance of chocolate, uniform hollow good shells, pinhole free chocolate coating, and more as well as a nougat and nut tempering machine offering continuous cooling and solidification.

  • Nielsen

    Nielsen makes several chocolate tempering machines in varying capacities from 110 to 4,840 pounds including those with a detempering zone, chocolate pump, and tank for use with high and low fat confections.

  • Carle & Montanari

    Carle & Montanari offers chocolate tempering equipment with capacities from 600 to 6000 kilograms, motor power of 5.5 to 30kW, tempering column with chambers one on top of another, triple paddle stirrer, large heat exchange surface, and the ability to run continuously, 24 hours a day.

  • Enesen

    Enesen makes the Tempering Machine 400-2000, with production capacity from 400 to 2000kg per hour, operates with a minimum 28% fat ratio in chocolate and 5-8 degreesC water, with the chocolate coming in at 42 degrees C.

  • Wolf

    Wolf makes several tempering machines including their Disc Tempering Machine UST (operating on cooled water), with capacities from 350 to 6600kg and a UF/UW tempering machine with built in cooling compressor (operates on freon), with capacities from 70 to 700 kg/h.

  • PTL

    PTL makes continuous and batch chocolate temperers. Their batch machines are for low-volume throughput, an automatic tempering cycle, periodic operation, non-freeze product outlet butterfly valve, and water-jacketed body and internal stirrer paddles.

  • Rasch

    The Rasch TR tempering machine is a pre-crystallising machine for several chocolate products and masses as well as compound masses with production from 200 to 3000 kg/h, with at least 26% fat content, and utilizes a worm conveyor within the zones and has an option for hot water supply.

  • Hacos

    Hacos makes batch and continuous chocolate tempering equipment, including an autonomoous continuous tempering machine, with heated vibrating sieve, internal chocolate pump (variable output), space for a cooling compressor (you can purchase this as an option) with capacities from 100 to 1,500kg/hour.

  • Prefamac

    Prefamac's automatic tempering machine is a continuous tool featuring frame on casters, content tray of 30 or 60kg, hermetic cooling, separate steering and spindle motor, and options including a dosing system, enrober belts for paper take off or truffle extension, and a pneumatic scraper.

  • Klöckner Hänsel Processing

    Klockner Hansel Processing offers tempering machines as well as mixers, aerating equipment, packaging, forming, caramelising, beating, cacuuming, and dissolving equipment.

  • MF Hamburg

    MF-Hamburg offers their Startemp chocolate tempering machines featuring a built-in tank, independent chilled water unit, and integrated de-crystallization zone as well as coating equipment, cooling machines, and more.

  • K&Kurt Makina

    K&K provides chocolate tempering machines with capacities of 60 to 10,000kg/h and features accurate and precise temperature control, scraping and turbulent mixing, improved chocolate heat resistance, and homogenous distribution of stable seed crystals.

  • Confitech

    Confitech offers tempering machines for hard candy, sugarless candy, milk hard candy, and more as well as cooking, flavouring, stabilising, pulling, aerating machines, and more.