Food Industry • Cooking and Baking Equipment

Equipment for a wide range of cooking and baking needs, including steaming, braising, baking, grilling, frying, broiling, etc.

Equipment for a wide range of cooking and baking needs, including steaming, braising, baking, grilling, frying, broiling, etc.

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  • Blodgett

    Blodgett manufactures convection, combi, and deck ovens. Whether you need gas or electric, full or half size, basic or loaded with options, they invite you to take a closer look at Blodgett convection ovens. Their premier line of convection ovens comes with a two-year parts/one year labor warranty, as well as a five-year door warranty.

  • Abest Kitchen

    A Best Kitchen offers a variety of pasta cooker models including electric countertop models, aluminum pot pasta cookers and stainless steel models from makers such as Pitco and Nemco.


    A City Discount distributes a variety of electric and gas powered skillet braising pans from manufacturers including Groen, Merco-Savory, APW Wyott, Update International, Market Forge and Cleveland.

  • Aeroglide

    Areoglide offers tray/tray dryers and ovens featuring programmable or time operated control systems and cross flow airflow.


    A City Discount offers a wide variety of pasta cookers from Anets, Imperial Range, A.J. Antunes, Allstrong, Update International and Frymaster. Models include electric countertop models, gas countertop models and aluminum pot pasta cookers.

  • Ace Mart

    Ace Mart Restaurant Supply carries a selection of Cleveland braising pans including a 15 gallon model, 30 gallon model and a 40 gallon model.

  • Echo Ovens

    Echo Ovens are geared towards high capacity cooking but is also flexible automated hardware. The Echo brand was first established in the mid 1980’s to cater for high capacity continuous on line cooking of value added foods. Echo Ovens Ltd. is the official promoter of the novel highly flexible and commercially endorsed continuous ECHO impingement oven systems and ancillary suite of associated thermal processing equipment.

  • Akro

    Akro carries a variety of pasta cookers from Lincat and Falcon including electric pasta boilers and gas powered pasta cookers.

  • BigTray

    Big Tray offers a variety of braising pans and skillets from manufacturers such as Groen, Vulcan Hart and Southbend in a variety of sizes.

  • Hobart

    Hobart works hard to develop and design ovens which incorporate  simplicity, reliability, and durability. The remarkable FlashBake® Oven, uses the power of light to create the perfect hot, toasted sandwich in as little as 30 seconds. They also offer convection ovens that provide excellent results and substantial energy savings. Hobart Combi Ovens give you control over your recipes with the touch-of-a-button simplicity.

  • Arrow Restaurant Equipment

    Arrow Restaurant Equipment distributes the Frymaster GSMS Spaghetti Magic II pasta cooker, a pasta cooker with a stainless steel cookpot, enamel cabinet and 12.7 gallon water capacity.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products distributes a variety of tilting skillets from Vulcan Hart and Cleveland including gas and electric models in a variety of sizes.

  • Sveba-Dahlen

    Sveba-Dahlen manufactures a variety of ovens such as rack ovens, pizza ovens & industrial ovens for both small and large bakeries, supermarkets, industrial bakeries and pizzerias, restaurants and large kitchens. The Sveba-Dahlen's ovens are built to satisfy requirements for high productivity with low operating and maintenance costs.

  • BigTray

    Big Tray offers several pasta cooker models from Nemco, Pitco and Vulcan Hart including gas and electric pasta cookers in a variety of sizes with up to 12 gallon water capacities.

  • Chef's Choice Foodservice Equipment

    Chef's Choice carries the Commercial Universe Plus Tilting Skillet from Market Forge; a 30 gallon skillet available in gas or electric configurations.

  • Vulcan Hart

    Vulcan-Hart manufactures a broad line of gas and electric cooking equipment, including ranges, fryers, ovens, steam equipment, griddles and broilers. Vulcan ovens  cook fast, save energy and labor, and increase profitability through greater yields. Whether you need the reliable, heavy-duty performance of a full-size and half-size convection oven. . . the advanced technology of their  FlashBake ovens. . . or the higher yields of their cook and hold ovens-Vulcan has the oven to help make your operation run profitably.


    C Kitchen carries pasta cookers from Frymaster and Vulcan Hart with models available in a variety of sizes.

  • Cook's Direct

    Cooks Direct offers a variety of braising pans and skillets including the PowerPan Series from Cleveland and the V Series from Vulcan Hart.

  • Lincoln

    Lincoln designs, manufactures, and markets commercial and institutional  conveyor ovens and other cooking equipment and is the nation's largest manufacturer of commercial and institutional aluminum foodservice supplies.In 1982, Lincoln introduced a line of forced hot-air conveyor ovens with various capacities and space requirements called Impinger® ovens. Impinger® ovens cook most foods approximately two times faster than standard convection ovens and two to four time faster than conventional deck ovens.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products distributes pasta cookers from Anvil and Nemco including aluminum pot pasta cookers and countertop gas powered and electric pasta cookers in a variety of sizes.