• American Range

    American Range manufactures several types of char-broilers, including radiant (economy and heavy-duty style), adjustable tops, mesquite wood, and horizontal chicken broilers as well as kebab broilers. Their broilers are countertop style, also available with a base for floor models.

  • Saturn

    Saturn Equipment manufactures gas cooking equipment. The Saturn 500 Series Cheese Melter and Salamander features a heavy gauge stainless steel top, side panels and high-BTU infrared burner. The cheese melters and salamanders provide even heat distribution for wall, counter or range mounts.

  • Sterling Products

    Sterling Products makes countertop and floor model charbroilers including indoor and outdoor models, charcoal and gas models, radiant models and more with sizes from 24" to 60" to fit whatever application you need.

  • American Range

    American Range supplies a line of residential products including infra-red cheese melter broilers (model ARCM-36). Standard range features reinforcement channels and wall mounting brackets. There are seven models available with a depth of 18 inches, height of 21.5 inches, number of burners from 1 to 5 and a total BTU range from 20,000 to 100,000.

  • Bakers Pride

    Bakers Pride makes several types of Char-Broilers. Their Dante Series includes Radiant, Glo-Stone, and Outdoor models. Char-broilers offered include floor models and countertop models, heavy-duty types, cajun style types, and more in any size you could need, with burners rated at 15,000BTUH each.

  • MagiKitch'n

    MagiKitch'n makes char rock, coal, countertop, floor model, and radiant charbroilers (available with or without legs) in varying sizes from 24" up to 72" made with hard-chromed free floating rods, seamless stainless inner sides and back, allowing for quick and easy cleanup, and removeable greasebox and water tubs.

  • Therma-Tek

    A provider of foodservice cooking equipment, Therma-Tek offers cheese melters in its counter series. Therma-Tek’s cheese melters include four adjustable rack positions, on nickel-plated shelf, a width range of 24 to 72 inches, rapid fire ceramic infra-red tile burners, mounts, drip pan and standing pilot ignition system.

  • Rankin-Delux

    Rankin-Delux provides commercial cooking equipment such as its gas infrared cheese melter broilers great for steak broiling, cheese melting, browning, finishing, plate warming and many more functions. The Model RDCM-36-C features a stainless steel front panel, sides, top and optional 4 inch legs.

  • Therma-Tek

    Therma-Tek makes a wide range of char rock and radiant charbroilers in different sizes, from 12 inches to 72 inches, in countertop models with four adjustable legs, heavy duty cast iron H-burner burning at 30,000BTU per section, and a spatula width grease trough.

  • Star Mfg.

    Star Manufacturing International, Inc. supplies cheese-melters and heavy duty cheese-melters suited for heating, melting, baking, finishing, warming and reheating food items. The cheese melters feature quartz infrared elements, consistent heating, re-circulation of pre-heated air, five pull out shelf positions with height adjustment, and a power saver switch. Similar ot the standard cheese melter, the heavy duty cheese melter features six pull out shelf positions.

  • Rankin-Delux

    Rankin-Delux's line of charbroilers includes chicken broilers, lava rock broilers, radiant broilers, and turbo broilers in countertop and floor model types with stainless steel top sides and front, 5.25" wide frates, 3/4" gas pipe inlet, waterpan and grease trough, and a 10.5" deep work shelf.

  • Wolf

    Wolf Range manufactures Wolf Cheesemelters amongst its line of griddles and charbroilers. The Wolf Cheesemelters have two models with one burner and three models with two burners. Key features include stainless steel front, top, bottom and sides as well as heavy-duty pre-mix atmospheric infrared burners, standing pilot ignition system, chrome plated grid rack, 3 position rack guide, removable full width spillage pan, gas pressure regulator and rear gas connection.

  • Wells Mfg.

    Wells makes countertop and radiant charbroilers featuring reversible cast iron grates, slant or sloped cooking surface, heavy duty 4" steel legs, 2, 4, 6, or 8 burners and removable drop pan and burners.

  • Cecilware Corp.

    Cecilware offers electric cheese melter/finishers in four models. They feature two controlled heating zones, counter/pass-thru and wall mount installations, quart tube or metal sheath heating elements, stainless steel construction three position food rack and full insulation.

  • Garland

    Garland makes a gas-fired radiant charbroiler series, available widths of 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-inches as well as floor and countertop electric and gas powered broilers, fryers, grills, ovens, and more.

  • Vulcan

    Vulcan manufactures a variety of cheesemelters such as VCM cheeesmelters, ICM series gas infrared cheesemelters, and electric cheesemelters. The  VCM cheeesmelters feature energy efficient gas infrared burners, 3 position chrome plated heavy duty rack guide, grid rack, standing pilot ignition, rear gas connection, pressure regulator, and removable full width spillage pan. The ICM series gas infrared cheesemelters have stainless steel construction with aluminized steel interior, chrome plated wire shelf, and infrared burners. The electric cheesemelters feature solid state controls, stainless steel construction, rack activated quartz heaters, 4 position rack locator, and rack and full insulation.

  • Imperial

    Imperial Range manufactures a series of infra-red cheesemelters or broilers with a range of 6 to 23 KW. The cheesemelters feature 1 or 2 gas fired infra-red burners, adjustable gas valve, protective screen over infra-red burner, left and right gas controls, chrome plated heavy duty rack, and mounting options. The range match is equipped with stainless steel front and sides and welded stainless steel seams.

  • Vulcan

    Vulcan makes a heavy duty and low profile charbroiler featuring 14,500BTU per 6" section, standing pilot ignition system, infinitely adjustable control valves, 3/4" gas connection and pressure regulator, and more in a wide range of sizes.

  • Blodgett

    Blodgett supplies three models of its Blodgett Infrared Cheese Melters for all sorts of melted cheese disches and plate warming. The B36-CM model features a 36 inch wide melter, four10,000 BTU burners and a 420 sq. inch broiler rack. The B46-CM model features a 48 inch wide melter, six 10,000 BTU burners and a 559 sq. inch broiler rack. The B60-CM model features a 60 inch wide melter, six 10,000 BTU burners and a 698 sq. inch broiler rack.

  • Jade Range

    Jade Range makes counter top and floor model charbroilers, including their 30" wide floor model with cast iron radiants, a heavy duty 4 bar cast iron top grate, infinitely adjustable manual controls, stainless steel front and sides, adjustable legs, and built in grease channels.