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  • Abest Kitchen

    A Best Kitchen offers a variety of pasta cooker models including electric countertop models, aluminum pot pasta cookers and stainless steel models from makers such as Pitco and Nemco.


    A City Discount offers a wide variety of pasta cookers from Anets, Imperial Range, A.J. Antunes, Allstrong, Update International and Frymaster. Models include electric countertop models, gas countertop models and aluminum pot pasta cookers.

  • Akro

    Akro carries a variety of pasta cookers from Lincat and Falcon including electric pasta boilers and gas powered pasta cookers.

  • Arrow Restaurant Equipment

    Arrow Restaurant Equipment distributes the Frymaster GSMS Spaghetti Magic II pasta cooker, a pasta cooker with a stainless steel cookpot, enamel cabinet and 12.7 gallon water capacity.

  • BigTray

    Big Tray offers several pasta cooker models from Nemco, Pitco and Vulcan Hart including gas and electric pasta cookers in a variety of sizes with up to 12 gallon water capacities.


    C Kitchen carries pasta cookers from Frymaster and Vulcan Hart with models available in a variety of sizes.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products distributes pasta cookers from Anvil and Nemco including aluminum pot pasta cookers and countertop gas powered and electric pasta cookers in a variety of sizes.

  • Chefs First

    Chefs First is a distributor of Electrolux countertop gas pasta cookers as well as aluminum pot pasta cookers from California Cooking.

  • Edward Don & Company Food Service

    Don offers a selection of countertop, floor model and gas powered pasta cookers as well as pasta cooker inserts from Keating, Frymaster and Vulcan-Hart.

  • Food Service Direct

    Food Service Direct distributes countertop gas powered pasta cookers from Nemco as well as sectional pasta cookers from Carlisle.

  • Gala Source

    Gala Source offers pasta cookers from Electrolux including gas or electric powered countertop models. Each model features a 10.5 gallon water capacity and a programmable timer.

  • Globe Equipment

    Globe Equipment carries free standing pasta cookers and rethermalizers from a variety of manufacturers including Anvil, Adcraft, GET Enterprises and Frymaster.

  • Hubert

    Hubert carries Imperial Range's gas powered pasta cooker in two sizes; 12 gallon and 16 gallon.

  • International Restaurant Equipment

    International Restaurant Equipment offers a Nemco brand pasta cooker/boiler with a single tank 2.5 gallon water capacity.

  • Jean's Restaurant Supply

    Jean's Restaurant Supply distributes a variety of aluminum pot pasta cookers from Vollrath.

  • Katom

    Katom distributes a wide selection of pasta cookers including stainless steel pot cookers and free standing electric pasta cookers from Update International, Vulcan-Hart, Browne-Halco and Johnson Rose.


    My Chef Store distributes pasta cookers from Imperial Range, Pitco and Frymaster in a variety of sizes including 12 gallon and 16 gallon water capacities and in gas powered and electric variations.

  • Pierce

    Pierce Food Service Equipment distributes the Nemco 6750240 model pasta cooker. The model is available with one or two tanks.

  • Restaurant Source

    Restaurant Source carries a variety of pasta cookers including electric countertop pasta cookers, free standing pasta cookers and gas pasta cookers from manufacturers such as Nemco and Pitco.

  • Restaurant-Services.Com carries the Anvil Pasta Cooker ideal for heating pasta and vegetable up to 210 degrees.