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  • Abest Kitchen

    A Best Kitchen distributes a variety of electric ranges manufactured by Garland including six burner and ten burner models as well as electric griddle top ranges.


    A City Discount offers two-36" Toastmaster brand Electric Ranges. Each model features a convection oven and 3 phase design.

  • Big Tray

    BigTray distributes a variety of electric ranges from Vulcan Hart ranging in size from 24" up to 60". The models feature anywhere from 4 to 10 french hotplates.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products distributes Garland electric ranges including 36" and 60" ranges with a variety of options including 2 burners with 24" griddle or 6 burner configurations.

  • Cook's Direct

    Cooks Direct offers electric ranges from manufacturers including Garland and Star-Max and Vulcan. Models include stock pot ranges, heavy duty ranges, and models with up to 12 burners.

  • J & C Restaurant Equipment

    J&C Restaurant Equipment is a distributor of VUlcan electric ranges with models ranging in size from 36" wide to 60" wide equipped with 4 to 10 burners.

  • Jean's Restaurant Supply

    Jean's Restaurant Supply distributes the E36L, a 36" electric range from Vulcan-Hart. The model features stainless steel construction and an oven thermostat with a temperature range of 150-500°F.


    My Chef Store distributes a variety of electric range models from Garland ranging in size from 36" to 60". Models feature anywhere from 6 to 10 burners and 26" ovens.

  • Prima Supply

    Prima Supply offers a variety of Vulcan electric ranges with sizes including 12", 24", 36", 48" and 60".  Each model features stainless steel construction and backsplash as well as adjustable 6" feet.

  • Short Order

    Short carries the Vulcan E601FL from Vulcan. The model is a 60" electric range with 6 burners, 24" griddle and two standard ovens.

  • The Kitchen Guys

    The Kitchen distribute Vulcan electric ranges in a variety of sizes from 24" to 60".

  • Valiant Equipment

    Valiant Equipment Co. offers a variety of Vulcan electric ranges including 24", 36", 48" and 60".

  • Distributes two electric range models from Garland. These models include a 6 burner model and a 10 burner model that are 36" and 60" wide respectively.