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An extensive inventory of used food processing equipment, including pumps, pasteurizers, mixers, conveyors, cutters, autoclaves, etc.

An extensive inventory of used food processing equipment, including pumps, pasteurizers, mixers, conveyors, cutters, autoclaves, etc.

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  • Butcher's Best Friend

    Butcher's Best Friend offers used meat processing machine as well as slightly damaged meat processing machines. Line of used equipments includes advertising boards, autoclaves, saws, cutters, can sealing machinery, carts, clippers, emulsifiers, steamers, kettles, coolers, divers, scalding machinery, grinders, heated displays, conveyers, mixers, packaging machinery, pizza machinery, scales, refrigeration units, meat tenderizers, marinators, freezers, slicers and equipment for cleaning, hygiene, kitchen and lifting.

  • Sigma Packaging

    Sigma Packaging delivers new and used packaging, pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical processing equipment. Used equipment includes cookie cappers, heat tunners, ingredient feeders, metal detectors, shrink wrappers, ice cream freezers and etc.

  • Smith Food Machinery

    Smith Food Machinery purchases and distributed used food processing machinery and packaging equipment. Items include blanchers, blender mixers, boilers, conveyors, freezers, labelers, pitters, pumps, presses, wrappers, shakers, and cartoner. Customers are welcomed to buy, sell or upgrade equipment.

  • Charter Equipment Sales

    Charter Equipment Sales provides new and used meat and food processing equipment for processing meat, cheese, poultry, vegetable, and other specialty foods. Used food processing equipment includes: bacon equipment, band saws, blenders, cart lifts, carts, tanks, cutters, dicers, dumpers, emulsifiers, flakers, freezers, fryers, grinders, injectors, kettles, retorts, linkers, peelers, material handling equipment, mixer-grinders, patty formers, portion control, screws, belt conveyors, skinners, slicers, small mixers, smokehouses, stuffers, tenderizers, tumblers, vacuum packers and small market equipment.


  • SPC International Food Limited

    SPC International Food Limited specialises in the sales of new and used food processing machinery. They supply a wide range of used food processing machinery to the primary, seconary and value added markets. Fish processing equipments include filleting machines, skinning machines, graders, separators, gutting machine, and needle injectors. Meat processing equipments include mixers, mincers, bowl choppers, vacuum fillers, derinders, and bandsaws. Refrigeration equipment includes spiral freezers, flow freezers, tunnel freezers, nitrogen freezers, and refrigeration plants. Vegetable processing equipments include harvesters, dicers, carrot toppers, cutters, peelers, and multihead weighers. Packaging machine includes flow wrappers, flap closers, carton erectors, tray sealer, shrink tunnels, top/bottom tapers, and vacuum packers. Value added equipments include fryers, batter application, predusting, forming, and crumbing.

  • Machinery & Equipment

    Machinery & Equipment supplies used food, chemical, mining and pharmaceutical processing equipment from a great selection of manufacturers. Popular used food processing equipment includes bins, blanchers, breader, cartoner, case taper, centrifuge, conveyor, cookers, cutters, depositor, dicery, dust collector, evaporator, granulator, grinder, pasteurizer, refrigeration, slicer, tenderizer, washer, wrapper, peeler, kettle, mixer, feeders and etc.

  • Total Baking Solutions

    Total Baking Solutions specializes in buys, rebuilds, remanufactures, and sells bakery equipment. Used bakery equipment includes industrial ovens, conveyors, wirecuts, dough mixers, rotary molders, enrobers, extruders, depositors, sandwich machines, dough feed systems, sheeting lines and sugar wafer lines.

  • Delphi International

    Delphi International supplies used food processing machinery and equipment for for vegetable and fruit cut applications. Stock of used goods includes slicers, dicers, shredders, cuttters, metal detectors, blanchers, grinder, kettles, pumps, graders, centrifuges, feeders, pumps, mixers and separators. Brands of manufactures includes Sweco, Bauer, Shufflo, Graco, Hobart, Weiler, Urschel, Safeline, Hughes, Orics, Vanmark and much more.

  • Union Standard Equipment

    Union Standard Equipment supplies an extensive inventory of used food packaging and food processing equipment. Food packaging equipment includes accumulating tables, bag makers, can seamers, cartoners, sealers, coders, cottoners, fillers, labelers, washers, wrappers, weighers and conveyors. Food processing equipment includes, dryers, dicers, extruders, homogenizers, mixers, pulpers, roasters, tanks, pans, grinders, bakery/candy/chocolate/coffee/tea equipment and centrifuges.

  • Used Food Equipment

    Used Food Equipment offers used food equipments, second hand packaging equipment and refurbished machinery to all food manufacturers. Equipments for industrial food processor includes bowl choppers, batter mixers, bakery mixers, evaporators, double bowl kneader, conveying systems, dough sheeters, enrobers, tempura dippers, flour silos, flow wrappers, gas flushing tray sealer, grill markers, large volume depositors, mixers, pie machine, pastry rollers, machinery for vegetable processing, waffle line, hot dog machinery, spiral mixer, pet food machinery and paddle mixers. Used food equipment includes cake lines from a second hand bread/cake plant, chip lines, pizza lines, french fry lines, a cheese plant, frankfurter lines, laminating lines, pie lines and much more. Brand names of manufacturers includes AFT, Alco, Blue Seal, Chub Packing, Eller, Germos, Gunther, Hayssen, Heat & Control, Knecht, Geba, Haas, Konig, Laitram, Metalquimia, Reich, Ruhle, Scansteel, Safeline, Tiromat, Yamato Lock, Silverson, Sumann and etc.

  • Value Plus Equipment Company

    Value Plus Equipment Company supplies used meat processing equipment and machines as well as used packaging equipment and machines. Used inventory includes breader, batter equipment, drum breader, meat mixers, meat grinder, meat slicer, poultry dicer, hamburger patty former machines, marinating brine needle injectors, vacuum tumblers, vacuum massager, smoke house, smoke oven, sausage stuffers and etc. Brand name of manufacturers include Stein, Blendtech, Hobart, Stephan, Seydelmann, Butcher Boy, Biro, Hollymatic, Treif, Foodlogistik, Formax, Enviropack, and Stia.

  • Sun Engineers

    Sun Engineers supplies manufactures food processing equipment, fruit pulpers, and fruit washer machines. Food processing equipment includes storage tanks, blanchers, cooling equipments and ribbon blenders.

  • Adams Agricultural Machinery Inc.

    Adams Agricultural Machinery Inc. sells, repairs and refurbishes food machinery and parts. Products include accumulating tables, air conveying, cappers, coating drums, conveyors, cyclones, fillers, centrifuges, feeders, electronic sorting machine, metal detectors, blanchers, pump stuffers, seamers, heat exchangers and overcappers.

  • Barliant

    Barliant & G is connected to various dealerrs to purchase, supply, and auction new and reconditioned meat, poultry and food processing equipment. Inventory includes cabinet heater, air compressor, bakery equipment, boiler, broiler, conveyor, cutter, carton former, deboner, dicer, freezers, injector, meat press, packager, stuffer, washer, wrapper and much more.

  • Alard Equipment Corp.

    Alard Equipment Corp. purchase and sell used food processing machinery and food packagin equipment fir industrial applications involving vegetables, fruits, canning, freezing, juice, bottling, and fresh cutting. Inventory typically includes slicers, dicers, shredders, cutters, cooking kettles, blanchers, washers, peelers, fillers, cappers, labelers, mixers, crushers, shakers can openers/crusher/ejectors, and spin dryers.

  • BatchMaster

    BatchMaster supplies new, used, and reconditioned food processing equipment with a focus on meat processing. Inventory of used equipment includes air compressors, dryers, applicators, batter, breaders, belting, choppers, cutters, compressors, conveyors, gearboxes, graders, injectors, mixer, grinder, slicers, tenderizers, tumbler, vacuum packager, washers, wrappers and etc.

  • Barsso

    Barsso purchases and sells used industrial food processing machinery sucha s production lines and food processing equipment for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Inventory includes battering, breading, coating, forming machines, vacuum fillers, separators, food packaging, graders, vacuum tumblers/mixer/blender, cookers, pasteurizers, ovens, dicers, slicers, cutters, flakers, conveyor belts, loaders, grills, grinders, emulsifiers, slaughter equipment and convenience food machinery.

  • Food Processing Equipment biz

    Food Processing Equipment biz purchases and sells used food processing equipment. Product line includes homogenizers, evaporators, heat exchangers, stainless steel tanks, refrigeration equipment, pump, cooling tower, refrigeration equipment and much more.

  • MBA Suppliers Inc

    MBA Suppliers Inc. purchases and sells new, used, pre-owned, and reconditioned meat and food processing equipment. Meat equipment and supplies include slaughter equipment, cutting tools, boning tools, rendering equipment, processing equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, containers, safety tools, and miscellaneous equipment.

  • Campbell's Soup Company

    Campbell's Soup Company Asset Recovery Department sells it surplus equipment related to food processing, biscuit, bakery and confectionery. Equipment inlcudes packaigin, filling, pumps, tanks, conveyors, material handling and office equipment. Inventory features agitators, blowers, compressors, cookers, dicers, elevators, fans, hoists, hydraulic systems, lab equipment, pallet racking, shop machinery, valves, boilers, cooling towers, dust collectors, evaportators, conveyors, meat processing equipment, labeling equipment, scales, refrigeration, mixers, material handling and so much more.