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An extensive inventory of used food processing equipment, including pumps, pasteurizers, mixers, conveyors, cutters, autoclaves, etc.

An extensive inventory of used food processing equipment, including pumps, pasteurizers, mixers, conveyors, cutters, autoclaves, etc.

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  • Boyd

    Boyd provides used and reconditioned industrial food processing machinery on a global scale for all food sectors such as fish and meat processing, ready meals, bakery, vegetables, convenience foods, meal replacement, poultry processing, "food to go" and fruit. Inventroy includes emulsifiers, patty formers, poultry processing, guillotine, grinder, packaging machinery, thermoformer, confectionary plant, conveyor, grill, berry processing, metal detector and miscellaneous used food equipment.

  • Equipment Exchange Co

    Equipment Exchange Co offers a large inventory of idle and surplus products such as meat, poultry, process and support equipment from Tyson Foods facilities. Used equipment includes blender, grinder, former, kettles, bowl chopper, stuffer, smokehouse, oven, cartoner, sealer, slicer, freezer, freeze tunnels and much more.

  • Bakery Equipment Specialists

    Equipment Specialists sells used dairy equipment, used food packaging equipment, used food processing equipment and previously owned brand name equipment.

  • Lehman Equipment Sales

    Lehman Equipment Sales Inc. buys, sells and trades new  and used food processing equipment such as used meat processing equipment, used bakery equipment, used poultry equipment, used fish  processing equipment, used dairy equipment, used freeze tunnels, used spiral freezers, used meat grinders, used fryers, used batter breading equipment.

  • Process Plant and Machinery

    Process Plant and Machinery supplies new and used process plant equipment. Inventory includes process and packaging lines, refrigeration units, liquid processing equipment, packing and weighing equipment, chocolate processing equipment, silos, tanks, vessels and solids processing for bakery, cheese, butter, and etc.

  • Genemco

    Genemco supplies a wide selection of high quality used food processing equipment and used refrigeration equipment. Genemco features a large inventory of used evaporators, refrigeration equipment, heat exchangers, homogenizers, pumps, stainless steel tanks and silos, fillers, boilers and pulpers and finishers as well as agitators, mixers and blenders, filters and cleaning and CIP equipment.

  • Orbital Food Machinery

    Orbital Food Machinery supplies new and used food processing and packaging machinery. Inventory includes mixers, grinders, slicers, dicers, vacuum fillers, metal detectors, breaders, bandsaws, graders, thermoformers, depositors, tray sealers, bowl cutters, fryers, spiral freezers, mincers, tumblers, formers, battering machines, meat recovery systems, derinders, membrane skinners, conveyors, fat analysers, refrigeration equipment, ovens, freezers, tables, tote bins and much more.

  • Nicholson Equipment

    Nicholson Equipment inspects, repairs and sells used or reconditioned bakery equipment in their own bakery equipment manufacturing machine shop. Inventory includes boilers, baggers, bowls, cooler, conveyors, bread divider, freezer, fryer, grinder, stamp machine, mixer, proofer, slicer, and sheeter.

  • Shaffer Manufacturing

    Shaffer Manufacturing provides used mixing equipment. Products include a variety of models for horizontal mixers, continuous and slurry mixers, spiral mixers, vertical mixers and miscellaneous mixing equipment parts.

  • MTC Food Equipment

    MTC Food Equipment, Inc. supplies new, used and reconditioned food processing equipment especially for seafood and fish processing, meat processing, meat and fish markets. They supply de-boning machines, bowl choppers, vacuum packers, slicers, grinders, meat saws, ice machines, stuffing machines, freezing equipment, smokehouses, filleting machines, skinning machines, and many other types of food process machinery.

  • Centurion Equipment

    Centurion International Corporation supplies used meat and food processing equipment. Used food machinery such as mixers, grinders, slicers, dicers, vacuum machines, metal detectors, breaders, band saws, bowl cutters, fryers, spiral freezers, tumblers, patty formers, skinners, belt and screw conveyors, cart dumpers, fat analyzers, refrigeration equipment, ovens, tables, smokehouses, stuffers, tenderizers, injectors and kettles. Popular manufacturers include Weiler, Wolf King, Hobart, Butcher Boy, Formax, Multivac, Handtmann, Vemag, Trief, Holac, Urschel, Comitrol, Seydelmann, Polyclip, Grote, Puma, Ilapak, Ross, Boldt, RMF, Mepaco, Reitz, Lutetia, Tiromat, Bridge Machine, Biro, Loma, Lock, Cryovac, CVP, Racque, Reiser, Koppens, Nutec, Alpina, Groen, Laska, Baader and Stein.

  • Holly Sales & Service

    Holly Sales & Service offers meat, cheese and food processing equipment, parts, service and supplies. Inventory of used equipment includes slicers, stuffers, mixers, grinders, scales, smokehouse, vacuum packagers, tables, ovens, patty makers, saws, tenderizers, and other miscellaneous items and parts.

  • QFE Quality Food Equipment

    Quality Food Equipment offers refurbished or used meat processing equipment and machines or used packaging equipment and machines. Products include used breaders, batter equipment, meat mixers, meat/poultry/beef blenders, bowl choppers, meat cchoppers, meat grinders, meat slicers, meat dicers, marinating brine needle injectors, vacuum tumblers, vacuum massager, smoke house, smoke ovens and sausage stuffers.

  • Wohl Associates

    Wohl Associates offers pre-owned processing and packaging machinery, including agitators, bakery equipment, can closers, candy equipment, canning equipment, cartoners, fryers, freezers, tube fillers, ovens, conveyors, cup fillers, soap equipment, and much more.