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  • Abest Kitchen

    A Best Kitchen offers pizza dough presses such as Doughpro's Pizzapros (with free shipping) and Somerset presses. A Best Kitchen carries both manual and electric presses and both personal sized and full sized pizza presses.

  • offers Somerset and DoughXpress manual pizza presses. In addition, they also carry dough press carts with optional air compressor for electronic presses.

  • Bakery is an online retailer offering both electric and manual Doughpro Pizzapro pizza presses for both personal and full size diameter pizza pies, with free shipping on certain models.

  • BigTray

    BigTray offers three different DoughPro Pizza Dough Presses: the mini PizzaPro, with manual operation, for your personal size pizzas; the full size countertop manual PizzaPro; and a full size automatic countertop model.

  • Burkett

    Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has one dough press for sale, the Somerset 18" manual dough press SDP-747. This item comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products offers manual pizza presses from Doughpro and Somerset Industries, all able to flatten dough up to 18" in diameter for full-size pizza pies. The Doughpro is available with either a top heated plate or both top and bottom heated plates, while the Somerset is only available with a top heated plate.

  • Instawares

    Instawares offers dough presses from all the major manufacturers, so you can find what you are looking for from Doughpro, DoughXpress, and Somerset. With both manual and automatic presses to choose from, you can make up to 18" pies just how you'd like.

  • International Restaurant Equipment

    International Restaurant equipment offers manual and electric pizza dough presses from Somerset Industries and Doughpro. With the ability to make personal sized pizza pies to full-size at 18" in diameter, these countertop presses are perfect for your business.

  • J.D. Honigberg Int'l

    J.D. Honinberg International offers many different models of DoughXpress pizza dough presses including both automatic and manual operated, as well as dough storage carts and press carts with an air compressor for the automatic model.

  • Jean's Restaurant Supply

    Jean's Restaurant Supply features four manual Doughpro PizzaPro dough presses such as the DP2000, the DP1100M, the Pizza Press Economy PP1818, and the DP1100 to fit whatever your budget may be.

  • offers two different Doughpro manual pizza dough presses, the mini-press for personal sized pizzas and the full-size for pizzas up to 18" in diameter. The full-size press fits edge forming molds on the lower plate for the perfect thick crust that your customers want.

  • Pizza Equipment World

    Pizza Equipment World offers two manual Somerset Industries pizza dough presses, the SDP-180 and the SDP-747. Both models can make pies up to 18" in diameter and can fit on your countertop.

  • offers DoughXpress and Doughpro pizza presses in both automatic and manual styles. With presses that can make personal sized pizzas to full-sized pressed which can create 18" pies, you will find the press you want for your store here.

  • Serv-U

    Serv-U has two models of pizza dough presses, DoughXpress' DM-18 manual economy pizza press and Somerset's SDP-747 manual press. These will both make an excellent pizza pie up to 18" in diameter.

  • Tamco

    Tamco Food Equipment features several different models of Doughpro pizza dough presses, including automatic and manual versions. Styles include mini or full sized, heated platens, and models with molds for extra thick crusts.

  • Your Delight Appliances

    YourDelight Appliances has two models of full-sized manual Somerset Industries pizza dough presses available, one with heat control for easier flowing dough, and a cold model to keep the exact consistency you'd like your dough to have.


    Zesco offers two models of full-sized manual Somerset Industries pizza dough presses available, one with heat control for easier flowing dough, and a cold model to keep the exact consistency you'd like your dough to have. In addition, Zesco also carries a manual heated press from DoughPro for full-sized pies.