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  • Abest Kitchen

    A Best Kitchen offers the Dough Roller (double pass).This roller is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and features compact table top design which allows for easy placement on any counter or mobile base. Spring loaded scrapers make it easy to remove and clean rollers. Rolls up to an 18" crust. They also offer Anets Dough Roller SDR-4.This unit sheets both round and rectangular pieces making it very versatile. It can handle super size pizza or 18" x 26" sheet pan pizzas.


    ACityDiscount offers Anet and Somerset Dough Rollers.These units have the ability of making round and rectangular models of this machine without optional dough docker or long infeed table are available.The machines are available with chrome plated steel or synthetic rollers.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products carry dough rollers and sheeters by DoughPro and Somerset Industries. These precision rollers are controlled with micro adjustments and feature spring loaded, removable scrapers.

  • Cindy Kitchen

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  • International Restaurant Equipment

    International Restaurant Equipment offer a variety of dough rollers and sheeters in different sizes and price ranges. If you are looking for a counter model or heated upper and lower platens with pre-set temperatures check out the DoughPro series.

  • Northern Pizza Equipment

    Northern Pizza Equipment is a nationwide supplier of top quality new and reconditioned pizza equipment. They can can provide those looking for a pizza dough roller with the Somerset Dough Roller.Their goal is to deliver a quality product at an affordable price.

  • Pizza Equipment World

    Pizza Equipment World present an impressive catalog of pizza dough rollers to choose from. They offer detailed spec information for every model they offer. They also present a gallery of pictures of the models taken at different angles for a better description of the item presented.

  • Serv-U

    At you will find pizza dough rollers and pizzas dough sheeters for your restaurant or bar. Choose from a variety of pizza dough rollers, pizza dough presses and pizza dough sheeters.

  • The Kitchen Guys offer Somerset pizza dough rollers. These rollers feature synthetic rollers, manual roller adjustments, fixed speed, safety sensors, spring loaded scrapers, stainless steel welded construction,and a large hopper.

  • offer Somerset pizza dough rollers. These rollers are ideal for a wide variety of bakery operations, this dough sheeter is engineered to be easy to operate and easy to clean numbered indexed parts. The safety guards with automatic shut off sensors help insure safety.