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  • Abest Kitchen

    ABest Kitchen offers a variety of wood and aluminum pizza peels from American Metalcraft. models include standard peels, short handle peels, and round blade peels.

  • offers pizza peels form update international including wooden models and aluminum models with sizes including 20" X 21" X 42", 18" X 18" X 42", 12" X 14" X 35.5" and 16" X 18" X 42".

  • Ace Mart

    Ace Mart offers a variety of pizza peels from manufacturers such as American Metalcraft and ABC Valueline. Models include aluminum peels and wooden peels in a variety of sizes.

  • Adcraft (Admiral Craft)

    Admiral Craft manufactures aluminum pizza peels with wood handles. The triple riveted aluminum ensures a secure handle. The peels are available in medium 12" X 14" and large 14" X 16" sizes.

  • Bakers Marketplace

    Baker's Marketplace offers both square and round pizza peels.

  • Baking Tools offers aluminum pizza peels with a variety of paddle sizes including 12" X 13", 14" X 15" and 18" X 19".

  • Bottles-Up

    Bottles-Up offers 9 models of O.L. brand wooden pizza peels, ranging in size from 12" X 14" to 20" X 21".

  • Browne-Halco

    Browne-Halco offers wooden pizza peels in 4 sizes; 12" X 14", 14" X 17", 14" X 16" and 16" X 18" as well as aluminum pizza peels in 12" X 12" and 16" X 18" sizes.

  • Burkett

    Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers a variety of aluminum and wooden pizza peels in a wide range of sizes.

  • Central Restaurant Products

    Central Restaurant Products offers a varied selection of pizza peels including circular peels with diameters ranging from 15" to 18", wooden peels with blade sizes including 12" X 14" and 6" X 18" and aluminum pizza peels.

  • Chefs First

    Chefs First offers a variety of pizza peels from American Metalcraft. Models include short handle wooden peels, long handle wooden peels, aluminum peels and aluminum peels with wooden handles.

  • distributes pizza peels from ABC Valueline including wooden pizza peels in a variety of sizes as well as aluminum pizza peels from American Metalcraft.

  • Earthstone Woodfire Ovens

    Earthstone has an 8" diameter pizza peel made of stainless steel available in a 52" length or a 64" length.

  • Food Service Direct

    Food Service Direct carries a wide line of pizza oven peels from the top manufacturers including Johnson Rose pizza peels, World Cuisine pizza peels, American Metalcraft and Adcraft. Available in both aluminum, wood, or pressed wood, these pizza peels have a large range of sizes to fit your needs.

  • FSW

    Food Service Warehouse has a full line of pizza peels available from brand name manufacturers including Update International, Browne-Halco, and Allied. Their pizza peels come in aluminum or wood and are available with a wide range of lengths and sizes.

  • Forno Bravo, LLC

    Forno Bravo makes three aluminum pizza peels, both with a 59" long handle. The square head peels are available with either a 14.6" or 16" head while the circular peel is available with a 7.9" stainless steel head. These peels are designed for commercial or high-end residential use.

  • Globe Equipment

    Globe carries Lillsun wooden pizza peels with heads measuring from 12"x14" to 20"x24" and 24" long handles. These wooden peels will give your pizzeria that great old-country feel.

  • Instawares

    Instawares offers a wide variety of pizza peels from Johnson-Rose, FMP, American Metalcraft, Browne-Halco, and Winco. Available in many sizes, these wooden and aluminum pizza peels will keep your hands safe from your hot oven.

  • Johnson Rose

    Johnson Rose makes wooden pizza peels in three different sizes: a 14" x 14" head with a 36" long handle, and two 16" x 16" head peels, one with a 36" long handle, and one with a 42" long handle.

  • Katom

    Katom carries a wide assortment of wooden and aluminum pizza peels, as well as pressed wooden peels. These pizza peels come in a multitude of sizes from manufacturers such as American Metalcraft, Browne-Halco, and Update International.