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Cork gaskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and grades. These gaskets are extraordinarily recoverable and impermeable under low bolting pressures.

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  • Accutrex Products

    Accutrex Products offers cork gaskets for the following industries: compressors, material handling, locomotive, utility, locomotive, HVAC, and electric motors. They are highly flexible; compressible; ISO 9001:2008 registered; and resistant to fuel, solvents, and oil.

  • Ecore

    Ecore offers gasket grade cork in a variety of configurations. Model DR-101/N-101 gasket grade cork (10/20 grind) is ideally used for a variety of low pressure seal/gasket applications, including die cut parts, bulletin boards, sporting goods, facing/lining materials, etc. These materials have density ratings as low as 220 Kg/m3, tensile strengths as low as 75 PSI, and compression ratings ranging from 30% to 50%.