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Gaskets in a variety of materials that are manufactured through the process of die cutting. The die cutting process is the cutting of stock in a manner that does not form chips, or make use of burning or melting.

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  • State Seal Co.

    State Seal, Co. fabricates and supplies die cut head gaskets and EMI/RFI shielding. State Seal specializes in gasket manufacturing utilizing Interface Solutions gasket materials. Innovative Solutions gasket materials include a range of innovative and high performance composite materials, rubber-edge composite seals, and a variety of environmentally-friendly-yet economical gasket materials. In addition, State Seal offers custom fabricated gaskets from a variety of materials, including: rubber, neoprene, nitrile, cork, silicone, plastic, sponge, graphite, etc. State Seal die cut gasket applications include: filtering, insulation, thermal management, cushoning, bonding/sealing, friction control, shielding, and masking.

  • Pioneer Rubber & Gasket

    Pioneer Rubber & Gasket utilizes state of the art CAD and CAM cutting equipment to produce: metallic gaskets, standard ANSI flange gaskets, and custom configured gaskets. Gaskets are made from a variety of materials, including: garlock compressed sheeting, garlock gylon, neoprene, buna, EPDM, silicone, viton, butyl, hypalon, SBR, etc. Standard thicknesses range from 1/64 to 1/4", and custom configurations are available in almost any thickness.

  • Fournier Rubber & Supply Co.

    Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. offers machine cut, hand cut, strip cut, and molded-extruded gaskets. Gasket materials include: Buna-N, cloth inserted sheet, coramic, cork, rubber, diaphragm sheeting, EPDM, felt, natural/neoprene rubber, nitrile, open cell sponge, poron, red rubber, silicone rubber, vegetable fiber, silicone sponge, viton, urethane, etc.

  • U.S. Rubber Supply Co.

    U.S. Rubber Supply Co. offers gasket fabrication to custom specifications. Capabilities include: die cutting, lathe cutting, stamping, molded parts, extrusions, cut lengths, stripping, and splicing. Products are available in any size or shape, from stock dies to manufactured custom specifications. Materials include: foam rubber, cork products, fibre/plastics, sponge rubber, etc.

  • Apex Die & Gasket Inc.

    Apex Die & Gasket, Inc. offers EMI gaskets developed for the medical industry utilizing high-quality steel rule die cutting control standards. Gasket materials include: copper, neoprene, EPDM, urethane, viton, pure gum, silicone, ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, PVC, styrene, vinyl, polymide film, etc.

  • Abbott Rubber Co., Inc.

    Abbott Rubber Co., Inc. fabricates and furnishes rubber and thermoplastic gaskets. Abbott can fabricate to just about any configuration, and will cut, die cut, strip, punch, laminate, and add adhesive if required. Materials include: neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, pure gum, skirtboard rubber, open cell sponge rubber, viton, SBR sheet rubber, teflon, etc.

  • Roettele Industries, Inc.

    Roettele manufactures die cut gaskets from a variety of non metallic materials. These gaskets can be made from a variety of rubbers, plastics and thermoplastic elastomer. Roettele is an ISO 9001:2008 facility that can produce high volume die cut runs.

  • Gasket Specialties, Inc.

    Gasket Specialties, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of gaskets. Services and capabilities include: laser cutting, flash cutting, waterjet cutting, die cutting, lathe cutting, stamping, kiss cutting, scoring, perforating, slitting, laminating, vulcanizing, welding metal, forming metal, machining, designing/engineering, steel rule dies, class A tools, fixtures, adhesives, etc.

  • McNeil, Inc.

    McNeil, Inc. offers high-temperature gaskets. Gaskets are offered in blanket, felt, paper, board, and laminate (machined) configurations. Widths/lengths offered include: +/- 3.18 mm, +/- 0.80 mm, +/- 0.13 mm, and +/- 1.58 mm. Gaskets are die-cut, hand-cut, and slit superior quality products made from 100% asbestos-free, non-metallic materials. Special parts are made from Fiberfrax Paper, Board, and Lo-Con felt. Gaskets are specifically designed for heat-sensitive industrial solutions to 3000°F.

  • Midwest Sealing Products, Inc.

    Midwest Sealing Products, Inc. manufactures gaskets and die cut products. Midwest Sealing offers: competitive pricing, on-time/JIT delivery, dedicated quality program with SPC capabilities, engineering/design support, high/low volume production capabilities, high speed/quick set-up equipment with large size capacity, special packaging, full range of gasket materials, electronic data interchange, certified materials, etc.

  • Bay Rubber Co.

    Bay Rubber Co. offers a wide variety of gasket capabilities, including: die cutting, beam press, click press, extruded seals, lathe cut gasket, hand cut, molded caskets, traveling head press, water jet cutting, laser cutting, etc. Materials used include: char ester, closed cell sponge, cork neoprene, cork nitrile, EPDM, ESD, felt, fiberglass impregnated, food grade neoprene, food grade nitrile, full face neoprene 150 lb, non-asbestos, open cell sponge, viton, urethane, Teflon, silicon, etc.

  • Marian, Inc.

    Marian Inc. is a global converter of advanced thin and flexible materials.  Marian’s capabilities include:  rotary die cutting, flat bed die cutting, slitting, laser, water jet and lamination.