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EMI gaskets are used in applications where electromagnetic interference isolation is required, commonly between the shield housing and mating surface of a device.

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  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. manufactures MIL Spec EMI shielding gaskets to MIL-DTL-83528 and ultra-Vanshield dual elastomer EMI/RFI shielding gaskets. The dual elastomer gaskets are available as groove mount, edge mount, slot mount, and adhesive mount types.

  • Laird Technologies

    EMI gaskets offered by Laird Technologies include electronit all mesh EMI gaskets available as single round, double round, rectangular strip, round strip, and enviro-seal models. Other EMI gasket types include elastomer core EMI gaskets - rectangular, round with sponge and round, and single fin and double fin types - fingerstock and spring contact, and fabric-over-foam gaskets, which are available in UL94 V0 and HB flame retardant material for applications requiring low compression force.

  • United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.

    United Seal & Rubber Co. Inc. manufactures conductive elastomer EMI gaskets available as mounting flange, interfacial EMI seals & EMI O-rings, jam nut EMI seals & EMI O-rings, D-subminiature rectangular, die-cut rectangular, die-cut circular, and molded circular waveguide with "O" cross or D cross section types.


  • Omega Shielding Products, Inc.

    Omega Shielding Products Inc.'s RFI EMI shielding gasket types include a miniature clip-on series and a fold-over series. The miniature clip-on series are designed to accept compression forces perpendicular to the mounting surface or in a shear direction running along the length of the strip. The fold-over series are for high traffic shielded enclosures and cabinet door applications, and available with thicknesses of 0.025" to 0.065".



  • Intermark USA, Inc.

    Intermark's line of EMI gaskets includes beryllium copper finger gaskets for frequent opening/closing applications, and conductive carbon rubber gaskets that feature a continuous temperature range of 6-200C. Other EMI gaskets include clean gaskets for use in clean rooms, low surface resistant gaskets, and conductive silicone gaskets available with outer diameters of 1.5 to 6 m and a service temperature range of -55C to 125C.

  • Parker Chomerics

    A manufacturer of shielding materials, Parker Chomerics' line of EMI gaskets include form-in-place conductive elastomer gaskets, conductive elastomer gaskets, fingerstock gaskets, low closure force foam-based gaskets, and wire mesh gaskets. The company also produces conductive thermoplastics for EMI shielding.

  • ACS Industries, Inc.

    ACS Industries Inc. manufactures rectangular gaskets, round gaskets, and tadpole and dumbbell gaskets in solid knitted wire mesh and knitted wire mesh/elastomer constructions. The company also produces compressed knitted wire mesh gaskets made primarily from Monel or tin platted copper clad steel. All the companies gaskets are used in automotive and industrial applications.

  • Device Technologies, Inc.

    Device Technologies Inc. offers two series of EMI/RFI shielding including its FS Series conductive cushion gaskets and S series finger gaskets. The conductive gaskets are available with thickness of 0.2 mm and are used in a number of applications including wireless device displays, PCB and chassis grounding, PCI brackets, medical equipment, telecommunication equipment, automotive, appliances, and computers and servers. The finger gaskets are used in chassis cover, front panel, back plane, and plug-in unit applications, and feature a temperature range of -30C to 105C - with tensile strength of 180 ksi min.

  • Spira Manufacturing Corp.

    Spira Manufacturing Co. produces custom EMI gaskets - including die-cut gaskets and framed gaskets -, groove mounted EMI gaskets and surface mounted EMI gaskets. Some of the groove mounted gaskets are for sliding and VME applications, while the surface mounted gaskets are used within applications where space is limited.

  • Orbel Corp.

    Finger stock EMI gaskets distributed by Orbel are designed for military and commercial markets. Finger stock gasket types include slot mount, adhesive mount, no snag, twist strip, clip-on, large enclosure, EMI contact strips and rings, and metal connector shields. The various gaskets are available with thickness ranging from 0.002 to 0.005. The company's fabric over foam EMI shielding gaskets are used for controlling electromagnetic interference. These gaskets are available as rectangular, square, D-shaped, bell, C-fold, P-shaped, and knife models.

  • SEM Inc

    SEM Inc. produces fabric-over-foam EMI shielding gaskets for card/cage applications and E/E hybrid gaskets that meet the environmental and EMI shielding needs of outdoor electronic and telecom cabinet manufacturers. The company's fabric-over-foam gaskets are available in C-fold, D-shape, knife edge, L-shape, P-shape, rectangular, self-mounting, and T-shape design. The I/O gaskets provide shielding for consumer electronic devices, computers, large arrays, and telecommunications cabinets.

  • Sealing Devices Inc.

    Sealing Devices Inc.'s EMI gasket offering includes formed-in-place gaskets, low closure force fabric over foam gaskets, conductive elastomers, metal EMI gaskets, and beryllium copper springfingers.

  • W L Gore & Associates, Inc

    Gore designs and produces adhesive-backed EMI gaskets available in strip form or precision die-cut shapes. Available in four different materials, the gaskets provide EMI shielding from low frequency up to to 40 GHz. The company also offers SMT compatible EMI gaskets that soldered to the ground trace of a PCB to form a complete EMI shielding gaskets.

  • Rubbercraft

    Rubbercraft Inc. offers conductive elastomer EMI gaskets for CAT scan equipment, MRI equipment, radar systems, vehicle communications, and x-ray equipment applications. The gaskets comply with MIL-DTL-83528C specifications.

  • Majr

    Majr manufactures a line of EMI/RFI shielding gaskets including knitted wire mesh gaskets, shield seal gaskets, Multicon EMI gaskets, connector gaskets, and conductive die cut, molded, or O-ring gaskets. The wire mesh gaskets are available in rectangular, round, round with fin, or double round with fin designs. The shield seal strip gaskets are designed for electronic cabinet applications.

  • State Seal Co.

    State Seal Co. supplies EMI/RFI gaskets manufactured by Chomerics and Parker Seals. Gasket types include low closure force, form-in-place, and wire mesh/metal.

  • Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

    A custom manufacturer, Stockwell Elastomerics Inc. produces EMI gaskets, EMI/RFI gaskets, and EMI shielding gaskets for commercial and military/aerospace applications. The company's military EMI gaskets meet MIL-G-83528C specifications.

  • Western Rubber & Supply

    Western Rubber & Supply manufactures and distributes EMI shielding gaskets including conductive and fabric-over-foam types. The gaskets are fabricated from a number of materials include silver, nickel-graphite filled silicone, Monel, and aluminum mesh.

  • Leader Tech, Inc.

    Leadertech Inc. offers fabric EMI shielding gaskets in a number of shapes including rectangle, D, square, C-fold, bell, knife, P, round, T, oval, triangle, and D-subminiature. The company also supplies eight series of beryllium copper fingerstock EMI gaskets for EMI shielding. Series types include PCI-VME, slot mount, adhesive mount, dome top, folded, clip on, twist, and contact.


  • Marian, Inc.

    Marian Inc. manufactures and fabricates EMI gaskets and RFI gaskets for product protection and damage control within the consumer and commercial electronics markets.