Gaskets • Food Grade/FDA Approved Gaskets

Food grade gaskets are most commonly used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and may be made from materials such as EPDM or silicone.

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  • Ames Rubber Manufacturing Company

    Ames Rubber manufactures gaskets, seals, and components that are approved for use in the food industry. They also perform custom manufacturing and services to include: molding, extrusions, lathe cutting, profile cutting, sheet & roll slitting, and mold & tool making; all of which can be done using methods and materials that meet FDA approval.

  • Tricomp, Inc.

    Tricomp offers FDA approved pre-made seals & gaskets in both Silicone & Viton, and custom design & manufacturing of seals using FDA approved materials. Their seals come a variety of types and sizes to include: silicone "P" "e" and "D" profiles, silicon "U" channel, tricomp silicone profiles, silicon steel-core clip-on, closed cell sponge, cords, squares, rectangles, tubing, splicing, and corner moldings.

  • C & M Rubber Co.

    C & M specializes in custom molding and manufacturing of products to include gaskets and seals, which can be produced utilizing FDA approved methods and materials. They offer prototyping, design review, silicone to metal bonding, and other services to meet the requirements of unique applications.

  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vangard Products offers custom molding of gaskets & seals manufactured to meet food grade standards. Providing molding, extrusion, cutting, bonding, adhesive application, and frame & O-ring fabrication, using methods & materials that comply with FDA approval.

  • United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.

    United Seal & Rubber supplies and manufactures gaskets and seals that are made utilizing FDA approved methods for use in food industry environments. Their products are available in many standard and unique materials, and can be produced using various molding and cutting methods including water jet cutting.

  • Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc.

    Columbia offers food grade and FDA approved gaskets, seals, and related parts. They also have the ability to custom design and manufacture parts for unique applications utilizing approved materials with temperature tolerances ranging from -175°F to 482°F, in both fluid and dry environments.

  • Grotenrath Rubber Products Co., Inc.

    Grotenrath is a distributor of gaskets & O-rings that meet FDA & NSF 61 food grade requirements. Available in both standard and metric sizes, their supplies include: quads, lathe cuts, gaskets, U-cups, tubing, sheet, cord, and sponge related products, available in multiple compounds.

  • Gasket Specialties, Inc.

    Gasket Specialties manufactures and distributes FDA & food grade gaskets, along with related products. They offer custom design & engineering with the ability to utilize multiple cutting, stamping, molding, and assembly techniques.

  • National Rubber Corporation

    National Rubber produces gaskets, seals, and extrusions from materials & processes that are FDA approved for use in the food industry. Their capabilities include: tubing, cord, square, rectangle, U-channel, D-shape, P-shape, LIP quad, and other complex shapes using Silicone, Flurosilicone, Viton, Nitrile, Rubber, Neoprene, EPDM, SBR, Hypalon, Butyl, and other materials.