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Neoprene O-rings are most commonly used in Freon applications as well as those where a variety of media and/or conditions are present.

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  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger are online distributors of neoprene O-rings from approved vendors. They have over 75 neoprene O-ring products to choose from. You can purchase packages of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard are manufacturers of neoprene O-rings with 60-90 Shore A durometer (hardness) ratings. These are ASTM D2000 BC, BE, and ASTM D2000 AA neoprene O-rings manufactured in Vanguard's ISO 9001:2008 Certified facility.

  • Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc.

    Columbia is an OEM provider of neoprene O-rings with operating temperatures from - 40 F to 250 F. Columbia's neoprene O-rings offer very good resistance to ammonia, carbon dioxide, refrigerants, silicone oils and greases, and water.

  • Precision Associates, Inc.

    PAI are manufacturers of standard and extended standard size neoprene O-rings, including their 5/32" nominal cross section O-rings. Other polymers available include viton, aflas, EPDM, nitrile, HNBR, XNBR, butyl, silicone, urethane, and many others.

  • All Seals, Inc.

    All Seals is a stocking distributor of neoprene O-rings with heat resistance up to 121 C (250 F) and cold flexibility to -40 C (-40 F). Neoprene O-rings offer very good resistance to paraffin based mineral oils, silicone oils and grease, water, refrigerants, ammonia and carbon dioxide.

  • Elder Rubber Co

    Elder Rubber offers industrial and Mil-spec neoprene O-rings. Other O-ring materials include nitrile, ethylene-propylene, fluorocarbon, silicone, fluorosilicone, polyacrylate, ethylene acrylic, polyurethane, natural rubber and styrene-butadiene.

  • Marco Rubber & Plastic Products, Inc.

    Marco Rubber are online providers of neoprene O-rings in Mil-spec, custom, metric, special, MS, AS, AN, AMS, NAS, 2-size, AS568, JIS and BS configurations. Other materials include viton, buna-N, silicone, teflon, EPDM, urethane, and others.

  • O-Rings, Inc.

    O-Rings Inc. are stocking distributors of neoprene O-rings that meet ANSI, SAE, ASTM, DIN, ISO, MS, NAS and AS requirements. Their neoprene O-rings feature 40-85 Shore A durometer ratings (hardness) and come in metric and inch sizes. Other materials available include silicone, nitrile, EPDM, urethane, and many others.

  • Sealing Specialties, Inc.

    Sealing Specialties stocks over 5 million O-rings in all sizes, compounds, and durometers. Neoprene O-rings are recommended for refrigerants, high aniline point oils, ammonia, silicate esters, and weather and ozone applications.


    The Rubber Store are online suppliers of neoprene O-rings with a durometer of 70 in standard and metric sizes.

  • G.L. Huyett

    GL Huyett offers a large O-ring inventory. They carry buna-n, viton, silicone, aflas, E-P and neoprene O-rings. Other products include back-up and quad rings, and cord stock.

  • Bartlett Bearing Co.

    Bartlett Bearing are distributors of neoprene O-rings. Some other commonly available elastomers include buna-n, viton and silicone.

  • Norman Technology, Inc.

    Norman Technology are manufacturers of neoprene O-rings. Other elastomers available include silicone, EPDM, viton, nitrile, HNBR and more.

  • are online distributors that stock a full line of neoprene O-rings. Other materials available include viton, buna-n, kalrez, simiriz, silicone, chemraz, EPDM, fluorosilicone and PTFE. Metric O-rings are also available.

  • Grotenrath Rubber Products Co., Inc.

    Grotenrath offers neoprene O-ring material with a temperature range of 60 F to 300 F. Other elastomers available include nitrile, fluorocarbon, silicone, teflon and more.