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Viton o-rings are made of a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer in 3 different classes depending on fluorine content. Viton o-rings are common in a large variety of sealing applications in a broad range of industries.

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  • Daemar Inc

    Daemar Inc. has a variety of Viton O-rings in standard and metric fittings. In addition, Daemar has O-ring size boss tube fittings available in 70 and 90 durometer ratings. Viton O-rings are resistant to heat, aging, ozone, oxygen, fuel, solvents and chemicals, and are used in the SCUBA, automotive and fuel-transportation industries.

  • Anchor Rubber Products

    Anchor Rubber Products have several Viton O-rings for a variety of projects. Available O-rings include Commercial Viton which are resistant to heat and chemicals; AMS7276 are resistant to heat, engine oils, lubricants and weathering; M83485/1 GLT are highly resistant to heat and low temperatures; ASTM D2000 are resistant to fuel and alcohol and ASTM D2000 are FDA, USDA and NSF compliant. The Viton Extreme O-ring is peroxide cured for extreme chemical systems, strong bases and amines.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply distributor of Viton O-rings in a variety of sizes. Viton O-rings offer an excellent resistance to petroleum, oil products, solvents, and are highly functional at temperatures ranging from -15F through 400F.

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Company offers a variety of Viton O-rings for projects requiring low compression sets and a low gas permeability, in temperatures ranging from -15F through 400F. Industrial projects include seals in aircraft/transportation, automobile construction, military specifications and mechanical devices requiring strong resistance to elevated temperatures.

  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of Viton O-rings in a variety of sizes, colors and durometers. Custom O-ring sizes range from 0.010" to 3" plus cross sections, and are custom designed for chemical, temperature and corrosion resistance. Available Nitrile densities are 60-90 Shore A durometer, and are available in military specifications of ASTM D2000, BF, BG and CH.

  • Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corp.

    Quickcut Rubber & Gasket are manufacturers and distributors of standard/metric molded Viton O-rings in A-scale standard durometers of 70, 75 and 90. Custom durometers are available for military specifications, and specialized FDA approved compounds are available as well.

  • All Seals, Inc.

    All Seals Incorporated feature Viton O-rings in a variety of sizes and durometers. Viton O-rings have an excellent resistance to temperatures between -40F through 400F. Chemical resistances include silicone oil/grease, mineral oil, fuel, butane, benzene. Practical applications include aerospace, military spec, transportation and fuel cycling.

  • Grotenrath Rubber Products Co., Inc.

    Grotenrath Rubber Products Company offer a variety of Viton O-rings, in standard sizes AS, MS, MIL, AMS, AN, NAS and SAE; and in metric sizes JIS, BS, SMS, DIN and DIN OSO. Viton O-rings are resistant to extreme heat and chemicals. Sealing applications include aerospace, automotive, hydraulics, medical military specifications and industrial equipment.

  • Problem Solving Products Inc

    Problem Solving Products feature Viton O-rings in a variety of sizes and chemical combinations for varying degrees of resistance. They offer consistent resistance between -40F and 400F. Viton is resistant to mineral and petroleum oils, aqueous products and many other fluids. Industries include aviation, automotive, fuel and transportation.

    All Viton O-rings offered by Problem Solving Products are OSHA 1910.119 certified virgin Viton.

  • Precision Associates, Inc.

    Precision Associates feature standard, metric and special size Viton O-rings in a variety of polymer compositions.  Viton O-rings are functional in temperature extremes between -40F and 400F. Industries include transportation, fuel, aerospace and military specifications.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply Company offers Viton O-rings in 70  and 75 durometer ratings in a variety of sizes. 70 durometer Viton O-rings function in temperature ranges between -65F to 275F, and offer a good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents and oxidation. 75 durometer Viton O-rings offer the same resistances, and function in temperature ranges between -10F and 400F.

  • Parco, Inc.

    Parco features Viton O-rings in a variety of sizes and durometers for a range of general purpose, harsh chemical and low temperature use. Standard Viton O-rings function in a temperature range between -10F and 400F.

    All Parco Viton O-rings feature 100% virgin Viton from DuPont Performance Elastomers.

  • Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc.

    Allied Metrics offers a variety of Viton O-rings in general fluorine (A-type 66% fluorine), middle fluorine (B-, GBL-TYPE, 67~68.5% fluorine), high fluorine (F-, GF-TYPE, 70% fluorine), improving low temp flexibility (GLT, GFLT) and Viton ETP Extreme for the highest resistance to chemicals and solvents. General Viton O-rings have a service temperature for dynamic applications between -15C and 200C. GLT types can go down to -40C.

    General Viton O-rings have 50 to 90 Shore A hardness.

  • Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Rubber is a producer/fabricator and distributor of Viton O-rings for a multitude of uses in the medical, aerospace, industrial and fuel/petroleum markets. Viton A O-rings are general use sealing for automotive/aerospace fuel and lubrication; Viton B is for chemical processing and power/utility seals and gaskets; Viton C is for oxygenated automotive fuels, inorganic acids, steam and water transfers; and Viton Extreme is for automotive, oil exploration, specialized sealing and overly harsh environments.

  • Seals Eastern, Inc.

    Seals Eastern molds different Viton O-rings for uses in the medical, automotive, aerospace and fuel/transportation industries. Viton A is used in the automotive industry and is chemical and heat resistant; Viton B has the maximum retention of elastic properties and is highly resistant to fluids and heat aging; Viton GF has an exceptional resistance to oils, organic fluids, inorganic acids and aqueous materials; Viton GFLT has exceptional sealing at low temperatures and has an excellent resistance to fluid and heat aging; and Viton Extreme has a PMVE/TFE/E composition and has an excellent base resistance and is aromatic HC resistant.

    Seals Eastern molds use 100% virgin Viton polymers.

  • Global O-Ring & Seal, LLC

    Global O-Ring and Seal offers viton (fluorocarbon) o-rings in AS568 sizes and 70, 75 and 90 durometer. Teflon encapsulated viton o-rings are also available. Other fluorocarbon rings offered include metric sizes (75 duro), back-up rings, X-rings (quad), and square cut washer rings.