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Gaskets made from plastic materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and more

Gaskets made from plastic materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and more

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  • Tricomp, Inc.

    Tricomp extrudes plastic and rubber gaskets from neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, silicone and viton. TPE seals are also available. Silicone seals, and other plastic gaskets, are available in a -178 F to +550 F temperature range.

  • Performance Punched Parts

    Performance Punched Parts are producers of plastic gaskets in PTFE, nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. You can use their product configurator to specify the outside diameter, inside diameter, and thickness of the plastic gaskets required.

  • CTG

    CTG's Energizer plastic gaskets use a "no seam" shield to provide the thickest protection available. A TFM shield is also available for even more demanding applications. These products are designed for FRP and plastic piping systems with a temperature range of 40 F (-40 C) to 300 F (149 C).

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer are manufacturers of plastic gaskets, sanitary couplings, barbed to sanitary adapters, mini sanitary end caps, and more.

  • New Process Fibre Co.

    New Fibre offers custom plastic gaskets made from mylar, teflon, viton, silicone, polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, and many other materials. All products are available in English or metric sizes.

  • Gasket Specialties, Inc.

    Gasket Specialties produces plastic gaskets in nylon, PVC, delrin, PEEK, teflon, polyethylene, polyurethane, acetate, kapton, and polymide film.

  • Apex Die & Gasket Inc.

    Apex Die & Gasket produces plastic gaskets for the medical, aerospace, OEM, assembly plant, electronics and distributor markets. Materials used include ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, G-10, lexan, PVC, styrene, vinyl, polymide film, UHMW, coroplast, fishpaper, and others.

  • Western Rubber & Supply

    Western Rubber Supply offers die cutting services for plastic gasket manufacturing. Silicone gaskets can be supplied with adhesive backing for a variety of environmental, electrical and regulatory requirements.

  • Accutrex Products

    AccuTrex manufactures plastic gaskets for use in industrial applications, such as in the aerospace, material handling, oil and gas, packaging, and petrochemical industries.  Accutrex offers waterjet cutting, stamping and die cutting services.

  • Roettele Industries, Inc.

    Roettele Industries manufactures plastic gaskets and washers for many applications and industries. Materials include EVA, LDPE, nylon, UHMW, acetal, HDPE, mylar and PTFE.