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  • Atlantic Gasket Corporation

    Atlantic Gasket manufactures gaskets, seals, foam tapes, and custom die-cut parts from two polyethylene foam materials. Volara, from Voltek, has a smooth skinned surface on both sides and is supplied in continuous rolls. The other is Zotefoams cross-linked block foam.

  • Pres-On Corp.

    Pres-On polyethylene gaskets are available in rolls, die-cuts, kiss-cuts and reels, or they can be cut to specification. Applications include packing/shipping, lighting, marine/RV, retail, windows/doors, weatherstripping, thermal insulation, and many others.

  • Regional Rubber Co.

    Regional Rubber manufactures custom foam and sponge gaskets from cross-linked polyethylene. Capabilities include high and low volume runs, MIL-C-3133C, ASTM D6576, SAE J18-02, part marking, UL 94 HBF, other military specifications, plain or adhesive backing, and more.

  • Polymer Technologies Inc.

    Polymer Technologies offers Polytech cross linked polyethylene foam gaskets with a typical density of 2lb/ft³, a -110 deg F to 215 deg F temperature ranges, and FMVSS302 or UL94 HF-1 flammability ratings.

  • Lamatek, Inc.

    LAMATEK supplies a variety of open and closed cell gaskets for nearly any requirement. From high temperature silicone gaskets to low-cost polyethylene foam gaskets for low temperature, low pressure applications that do not require resealing.

  • Lasermation, Inc.

    Lasermation offers custom plastic polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonate gaskets, patterns, stencils and liners. Other services include chemical etching, laser cutting and engraving, mechanical engraving, serializing, art and design, and more.

  • Custom Gasket Manufacturing

    Custom Gasket Mfg. fabricates custom cross linked polyethylene foam materials that feature a smooth aesthetic feel. These products offer excellent physical and chemical properties, including mechanical and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and low water absorption.

  • Fabri-tech Components Inc.

    Fabri-Tech uses polyethylene to manufacture their gaskets in densities ranging from two to ten pounds. It is easy to fabricate and convert to custom shapes, sizes, and designs. Polyethylene is a closed cell material that exhibits excellent water resistance.

  • Par Group Ltd.

    PAR offers food approved polyethylene foam gaskets in two different materials. Plastazote is an expanded polyethylene foam available in cross-linked and non cross-linked grades.  Evazote foams are based on EVA copolymers and are more resilient and durable.

  • Ram Gasket Solutions Limited

    RAM Gasket Solutions offers polyethylene foam gasket material from their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant. Typical thicknesses available are 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Sheet sizes are typically available from 1M x any multiple up to 10M.