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  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. manufactures MIL-DTL-83528 EMI shielding gaskets and ultra-Vanshield dual elastomer shielding gaskets. The MIL spec gaskets are available with a number of profiles including flange, U-channel, rectangular D and O-seal, hollow D shape, solid D-shape, and D-cross section O-ring. The ultra-Vanshield gaskets are available as groove mount, edge mount, slot mount, and adhesive mount types.

  • United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.

    United Seal & Rubber Co. Inc.'s line of silicone gaskets includes CHO-SEAL & CHO-SIL conductive elastomers that meet MIL-STD-810 requirements for fungus resistance and combo two strip gaskets.  Other silicone gaskets include POLA-H composite gaskets - designed for low frequency H field shielding - and POLASHEET/POLASTRIP gasketing that features a solid silicone weather seal rated for use at temperature from -70F to 176F.

  • Pioneer Rubber & Gasket

    Pioneer Rubber & Gasket designs and manufactures silicone full face style gaskets from 1/2" to 48", along with silicone #125-150 and #250-300 ring style gaskets. The company also produces custom gaskets available with standard thicknesses from 1/64" to 1/4".

  • Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

    Stockwell Elastomerics Inc manufactures a line of silicone gaskets that includes injection molded gaskets, silicone foam gaskets, sponge silicone gaskets, solid silicone gaskets, and custom gaskets. The sponge gaskets are for NEMA 4 and IP-65 environmental seals, while the solid gaskets are commonly used on metal enclosures. Used within electrical enclosures, the foam gaskets feature a flame rating of UL94-V0. The injection molded gaskets provide improved sealing integrity for water submersion requirements.

  • Tricomp, Inc.

    Tricomp Inc. manufactures extruded silicone rubber gaskets and seals for applications where extreme heat, cold and other severe operating conditions are present. The gaskets feature a temperature range of -178F to 550F.

  • Atlantic Gasket Corporation

    Atlantic Gasket Corporation is rubber gasket manufacturer that produces custom rubber silicone die cut gaskets in grades from .008" to 1" thick, and with hardness of 25 to 80 durometers. Available in sizes ranging from 1/16" to 36" in diameter, the gaskets can be manufactured from a number of silicone grades including: commercial, specification, fiberglass reinforced, high strength, fluorosilicone, electrically conductive, medical, FDA, translucent, and thermally conductive.

  • Flow Smart, Inc.

    FlowSmart's platinum silicone sanitary gaskets are designed for freezing applications, and feature excellent resistance to steam and chemicals including acid and alkali cleaners used in CIP systems. The gaskets are also resistant to aggressive water in WFI systems up to 80C.

  • Rubber Fab Technologies Group

    Rubber Fab manufactures platinum-cured silicone hygienic gaskets that feature a temperature range of -100F to 450F, and SIP up to 30 psi @ 123C. The gaskets are designed for use in production facilities of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high purity water, injectables, and food and beverage products.

  • Merryweather Foam, Inc.

    Merryweather Foam Inc. offers solid silicone gaskets for use in transportation equipment, communications and electrical enclosures, electronic products and components, industrial machinery and appliances.

  • Fournier Rubber & Supply Co.

    Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. performs machine cutting, hand cutting, strip cutting, and molded extruded services to produce silicone rubber and silicone sponge gaskets.

  • Cannon Gasket, Inc.

    Cannon Gasket Inc specializes in precision die cut silicone rubber gaskets with material thicknesses from .0005" to .500". The company's gaskets are used by the  irrigation, controls/valves, lighting, automotive, medical, commercial, pumps, electronics, aerospace, plumbing, pool and spa, electrical, bearing, and OEM industries.

  • ALM Inc. / Automated Gasket

    ALM Inc. fabricates silicone sponge gaskets for OEMs, rebuilders, and end-user customers.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises stocks thousands of gaskets including silicone gaskets. The company can also provide custom silicone gaskets.

  • Handy Service Corp.

    Handy Service Corp. manufactures one-piece, snap-in silicone gaskets for most major industrial packaging machines including Multivac, Dynavac, Dixievac, AtlasVac, Rollstock, Colimatic, Tiromat, Contel, Hammerlee, Tiropac, Tec, Pioneer, and Coster.

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Company produces silicone gaskets for the aerospace, military, and transportation industries.

  • Mercer Gasket & Shim

    Silicone gaskets distributed by Mercer Gasket & Shim are designed for service temperatures up to 400F. Available in thicknesses from 1/32" to 1/4", the gaskets are used in high temperature air or water applications.

  • Auburn Manufacturing Co.

    The Auburn Manufacturing Co. produces silicone gaskets in sheets rolls, slit tapes, and close-tolerance die-cut fabrications. The gaskets can be built to military specifications and are available in a variety of thicknesses, durometers, styles, and densities.


    KWLAYTI stocks a host of silicone seal gaskets in lengths for 325, 430, 490, 560, and 600 width machines. The most frequently used silicone materials are in 50, 60, 70, and 80 durometer.

  • Intermark USA, Inc.

    Conductive silicone gaskets offered by Intermark are used in mobile phone, laptop PC, copy machine, and PC display applications. The gaskets are available with outer diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 6 mm, and feature a service temperature range of -55C to 125C.

  • American Seal & Packing

    American Seal & Packing Inc. cuts gaskets from a range of silicone including: commercial grade silicone, FDA silicone, fiberglass reinforced silicone, silicone sponge, silicone foam, conductive silicone, flourosilicone, medical grade silicone, extreme high tear silicone, extreme high temperature silicone, fabric finish silicone, and flame retardant silicone. The various gaskets feature a temperature range from -80F to 450F, and are available in 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" sizes.