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  • Sealing Devices Inc.

    Sealing Devices, Inc. offers O-rings and seals for protection against gas and liquid/fluid loss in cryogenic conditions. Every O-ring ordered can be custom made in both metric and standard sizes for sealing against chemical, cryogenic, and high temperature conditions. Most of these O-rings are constructed from a variety of elastomers, including: chloroprene rubber, butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber (NBR), fluorocarbon rubber, silicone rubber, buna rubber, etc.

  • ACS Industries, Inc.

    ACS Industries, Inc. offers calendared mesh and mesh core cables for use in cryogenic seals. These cables are highly resilient and easily compressed due to their complex spring-like structure, which gives them an inherent resistance to mechanical wear. They can flourish in operating environments where poly substrates or refractory ropes cannot.