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Extruded seals are generally thermoplastic seals manufactured via the process of extrusion for a wide variety of applications and are available in an array of sizes, shapes and configurations.

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  • Device Technologies, Inc.

    Device Technologies Inc. designs Trim-Fast edge trim panels and Seal-Fast edge seals available with panel thickness range of .029" to .750". Both products include a flexible steel or stainless steel substrate with a silicone, EPDM, or PVC extrusion. The company also offers Seal-Fast plate seals that protect against chafing and abrasion. The various seal products are used in aircraft galley equipment, avionics, bulkhead, automotive, railway, telecommunications, marine, and general industrial applications.


  • Tricomp, Inc.

    Tricomp Inc. produces extruded silicone rubber and Viton gaskets and seals used in applications where extreme heat and cold are present. The seals can operate in temperatures ranging from -178F to 550F. The company also offers extruded neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and TPE seals capable of holding their resilience from -20F to 250F.

  • Rubbercraft

    Rubbercraft distributes custom molded extruded seals and gaskets produced from fluorosilicone, silicone, and viton. The seals feature an operating temperature of -85F to 550F. The company also supplies conductive EMI-shielding elastomers and thermally conductive elastomers produced in extruded continuous lengths. These products are used within the aerospace, agriculture, aviation, communication, defense, medical, military, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

  • The D.S. Brown Company, Engineered Rubber Products Div.

    The D.S. Brown Company produces custom rubber extrusions with maximum cross sectional area of 15". Produced from rubber, silicone, and Viton, the extrusions are used in the construction, electrical, and transportation industries. The company also offers EPDM extruded rubber hopper seal assemblies for the marine industry. These seals are produced to tolerances of 0.030" and feature one inch material thickness.

  • Ames Rubber Manufacturing Company

    Ames Rubber Manufacturing manufactures and supplies standard extruded rubber products including O-ring cords, P seals, D seals, and T seals. The company has the ability to extrude up to 8 inch tubing and profiles, and to create custom die profiles used to profile cut and splice existing extrusion dies.

  • Vanguard Products Corp.

    Vanguard Products Corp. produces custom rubber seals and gaskets. The company's extrusion capabilities include single, coextrusion, triextrusions, multiple durometer/hardness, multiple material extrusion, and insert extrusion. The various seals and gaskets are produced from silicone, EPDM, isoprene elastomer, natural rubber elastomer, fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon elastomer, nitrile, neoprene, and epichlorohydrin.

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Co. Inc. manufactures custom gaskets, O-rings, and seals including extruded and precision-cut elastomeric seals. The company's custom products are used in the aerospace, military, and transportation industries.

  • Zatkoff Seals & Packings

    Zatkoff Seals & Packings distributes compression packing cushion seals and electrically conductive rubber excluders in various extruded shapes and profiles.

  • United Seal & Rubber Co., Inc.

    A provider of extruded rubber parts, United Seal & Rubber Co. Inc. offers refrigeration seals as part of its' extrusions line.