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  • Norman Technology, Inc.

    Norman Technology, Inc. is a supplier of seals, precision machine parts, and custom products. Mechanical seal products offered include cartridge seals, heavy duty seals, flanged seals, machine tool seals, O-ring seals, metal bellows seals, press fit seals, compact stationary seals and magnetic seals as well as a variety of other mechanical seals.

  • RG Sales, Inc.

    RG Sales, Inc. is a distributor of rubber seal and power transmission products. Mechanical seal products include a variety of o-rings as well as both internal and external retaining rings.

  • EPM, Inc.

    EPM, Inc. is a supplier of seals and gaskets. available products include mechanical seals including solid and single spring type seals with and without o-rings.

  • Metallized Carbon Corp.

    Metallized Carbon Corp. is a custom manufacturer of engineered self-lubricating carbon and graphite products. Mechanical seal products are available up to 24" in outer diameter for application such as air conditioning, aircraft jets, blenders, gear boxes, heat exchangers, high speed turbine compressors, mixers, pump and water turbines.

  • Sealing Specialties, Inc.

    Sealing Specialties, Inc. is a stocking distributor of mechanical seals, rubber seals, gaskets, PTFE seals, braided packings and o-rings. Mechanical seal products offered include single spring seals as well as engineered seals for high temperature and high pressure applications.

  • OTP Industrial Solutions

    OTP Industrial Solutions is a distributor of industrial equipment for fluid power, pumping equipment, power transmission, motion control and electrical distribution applications. Mechanical seal products offered include pusher seals, bellows seals, slurry seals and dry running seals as well as standard cartridge seals.

  • American Seal & Packing

    American Seal & Packing is a supplier of packings, seals, gaskets and related materials. Mechanical seal products available include those for compressors and pumps. Mechanical pump seals include single spring, double cartridge, single cartridge, metal bellows, and multi spring styles.

  • Young's Industrial Corp.

    Young's Industrial Corp. is a supplier of bearings and power transmission parts and components. Product offerings include mechanical seals as well as electric motors, gear motors and other related accessories.

  • A B Industrial

    AB Industrial Equipment Co., is a supplier of pumps and related parts and accessories. Available products include mechanical seals in single and multi-spring styles as well as split, cartridge and metal bellows configurations. O-rings are also offered in materials incuding Viton, AFLAS, Buna EPDM, teflon, PTFE, neoprene and EPR.

  • Kerr Pump & Supply

    Kerr Pump & Supply is a supplier of pumps and process equipment. Product offerings incldue mechanical seals, air elimination equipment, mixers, pulsation dampeners, suction stabilizers, tanks and other accessories.