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Seals are devices used to join two objects together in a manner preventing anything from passing between or generally joing two objects together.

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  • Slade, Inc.

    Slade, Inc. offers equipment seals in a variety of configurations, including: 3300C, 3300G, 3300K, 3300CJ, 3300CJK, specialty/OEM products, Pyro-tex joint sealants, etc. Model 3300G all-purpose pump and valve packings can handle pressures to 5000 PSI, pump services to 4800 FPM, temperatures to 1800°F, and pH ranges from 1 to 14. These pumps/packings won't glaze or harden, they will eliminate most leaks, require no special end-rings, and outlast typical packings by a factor of 6. They are difficult to over-tighten, and they have applications for hydrocarbons, steam, and chemicals.