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Seals are devices used to join two objects together in a manner preventing anything from passing between or generally joing two objects together.

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  • Gaskets, Inc.

    Gaskets, Inc. offers tadpole and extruded silicone seals. Ceramic cover/Inconel core tadpole seals feature 0.09" thick cloth wire inserts, core/cover material temperatures up to 2000°F, and four profile type options. These seals have applications for cryogenics/refractory operations, burners, expansion joints, ducting, panel joints, damper blades, covers, oven door sealing, etc. Extruded silicone seals come in the following configurations: flat, "e", "P", foam, round profile, "U", etc. They are ideal for environments that do not exceed 500°F, and they are highly resistant to the effects of weathering, corona, and ozone.

  • Rexnord Industries

    Rexnord Industries offers shallow hydropad seals, gearboxes/transmissions, engine/APU seals, aerospace seals for pumps/accessories, and aerospace seals for industrial turbo-machinery. Engine/APU segmented seals feature segmented rings, a non-elastomer design, and temperature ranges from -400 to 1600°F. These seals have applications for superchargers, jet engines, missiles, aircraft cabin compressors, refrigeration compressors, inter-stage compressors, gas turbines, etc. Engine/APU custom-engineered ceramic seals have a bi-directional/rugged design, up to 85% in leakage reduction, and low wear materials for consistent flows/barrier consumption. Rexnord also offers a wide range of custom-engineered sealing solutions, including contacting face seals, non-contacting face seals, circumferential/control gap seals, etc.