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  • EPM, Inc.

    EPM, Inc. offers Teflon seals in the following configurations: spring energized, oil/shaft, hydraulic/pneumatic, gaskets/sheet, and back-up rings. Equipro seals can handle pressure ranges to 60,000 PSI, temperature ranges from -400 to 650°F, and surface speed capabilities up to 6,000 FPM. These seals feature lubricated/dry running capabilities, low torque/power absorption requirements, and consistent/smooth breakouts. EPM also supplies PTFE U-cups and parts.

  • MSP Seals, Inc.

    MSP Seals, Inc. offers PTFE seals in the following configurations: covers, grommets, diaphragms, bladders, bellows, boots, lathe cut seals, extrusions, gaskets, etc. These seals are used in a wide range of industries, including: pharmaceutical, medical, industrial equipment, heavy truck, food, construction equipment, beverage, construction equipment, automotive, agricultural equipment, and aerospace.

  • Zatkoff Seals & Packings

    Zatkoff Seals & Packings offers PTFE seals in the following configurations: G-rings, CP/CR profiles, OD/CQ profiles, and CT seals. These seals feature low frictions, media inertness, and high-temperature resistance.

  • Fluoro-Plastics Inc

    Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. offers PTFE and Teflon machined parts for the following applications: bearing pads, laboratory, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, semi-conductor, electrical, chemical processing, etc. These parts feature tensile strengths ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 lb/sq-in, heat distortion temperatures up to 250°F, and dielectric strengths up to 500 v/mil.

  • Greene Rubber Co., Inc.

    Greene Rubber Co., Inc. offers PTFE seals in Teflon and Teflon encapsulated configurations. These seals have applications for the transportation, military, and aerospace industries.

  • Sealing Specialties, Inc.

    Sealing Specialties, Inc. offers PTFE seals for high temperature, process equipment, aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.

  • S.S.P. Manufacturing, Inc.

    S.S.P. Manufacturing, Inc. offers PTFE seals for a wide range of applications, including: waste, quarry, power generation, pipeline, mining, agricultural, marine, industrial, forestry, food equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, gas, oil, heavy construction, etc.

  • Mercer Gasket & Shim

    Mercer Gasket & Shim offers Teflon-based gaskets for food production, medical, and aggressive chemical environment applications.

  • Marco Rubber & Plastic Products, Inc.

    Marco Rubber & Plastic Products, Inc. offers performance plastic, PEEK, PTFE, and Semicon component custom machined parts in the following configurations: boots, bellows, caps, tips, diaphragms, bushings, stoppers, bumpers, grommets, etc.

  • Seal Science, Inc. (SSI)

    Seal Science, Inc. (SSI) offers PTFE seals for complex integrated, static, rotating, and reciprocating applications. These seals feature low friction capabilities, extreme temperature resistance, and a chemically compatible design. They can handle pressures up to 5000 PSI and temperature limits ranging from -300 to +550°F.

  • Parker

    Parker offers PTFE seals and molded parts for a wide range of temperatures. These seals feature a multitude of chemical resistances and low friction capabilities.