Green Industry • Biomass Energy Systems

Utilizing urban, forest, agricultural, and industrial waste/residues, biomass energy systems produce electricity and heat with less effect on the environment than fossil fuels.

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  • Biomass Combustion Systems, Inc.

    Biomass Combustion Systems offers all-steel, hot air furnaces available in 250,000 BTU/hr, 500,000 BTU/hr and 800,000 BTU/hr. Their fully automated wood fired boilers produce steam and hot water from 100 to 600 HP.

  • AFS Energy Systems

    AFS Energy Systems designs and builds biomass energy solutions for business, government and educational institutions. Types include steam (high pressure, water tube boiler, low pressure), hot water (hot water boilers, organic Rankine cycle), and hot air (1 million to 20 million BTU's/hr). Furnaces, fuel feed systems and ash removal systems are also available.