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  • TwoFlush

    The TwoFlush system from Aquanotion converts standard North American style toilets in to water conserving, money saving toilets by adding a second flush lever to allow a choice of full flushes or half flushes.

  • Wasauna

    Wasauna designs and manufactures contemporary toilets in a variety of sizes and designs. These models feature soft-drop seats, conserve water and are environmentally friendly. Models include dual-flush toilets and water saving toilets.

  • Select A Flush

    The Select A Flush Dual Flush Water Conservation Kit is a unique dual flush adapter and water conservation device that can be added to any existing toilet to provide two flushing options as a water saving measure.

  • Renovator's Supply

    Renovator's Supply distributes water conserving toilets from Dual Flush. Toilets are made from grade A vitreous china and meat or exceed ASME guidelines.

  • Toto

    Toto manufactures a variety of eco-friendly bathroom fixtures for commercial and residential applications including high efficiency toilets, automatic hand dryers, shower heads and bathroom sinks.

  • Waterless

    Waterless manufactures no-flush urinals that function completely without water or flush valves. These urinals are completely touch-free and easy to install and improve restroom sanitation while eliminating odors.

  • Zero Flush

    Zero Flush manufactures waterless urinals with large traps that can get up to 15,000 uses before requiring maintenance. These urinals meet LEED water efficiency standards, reduce odors and are easily installed.

  • Falcon Waterfree Technologies

    The Falcon Waterfree urinal is a revolutionary system that saves up to 40,000 gallons or more per urinal, per year. Waterfree urinals are more hygienic and resistant to vandalism than flush urinals. Without flush valves, plumbing repairs and emergencies are eliminated. Several models are available that earn LEED points. Falcon Waterfree urinals are in use around the world, in stadiums and arenas, schools and universities, airports and every type of commercial and institutional facility.

  • Poo-Pourri

    Poo~Pourri toilet deodorizers are eco-friendly sprays that work hard to eliminate bathroom odors and remove evidence of your most embarrassing moments in the bathroom. Our formula of essential oils control odor by creating a barrier that prevents bathroom smells from ever escaping the toilet. These sprays make great gifts for any occasion from baby showers to housewarming parties. Poo~Pourri sprays also come in "NEW Nature's Call Organic Spray", Pooch~Pourri for dog and cat stink, as well as  Poo~Pourri Jr. Lil' Stinker for stinky diapers! 

  • Plumber

    Plumber carries a vairety of energy efficient bathroom products including tankless water heaters, ventilation fans with heaters, jacuzzi bath tubs, natural gas water heaters, energy efficient lighting, faucets and more.