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  • The Green Products Company

    The Green Products Company manufactures energy efficient radiant ceiling panels that are low maintanencan and can reduce drafts.These panels are made from extruded aluminum and have an interlocking panel design.

  • Hunter Douglas Contract

    Hunter Douglas Contract is a manufacturer of suspended ceiling systems for contract and commercial ceilings.  Materials used include metal ceiling systems, wood ceiling panels, as well as Techstyle acoustical ceiling panels and ceiling trim.  Hunter Douglas' commitment to sustainability and responsible development is evidenced by its continuous efforts to address environmental concerns, improve production processes, eliminate waste and reduce maintenance.

  • Ecophon Acoustic Ceilings

    Ecophon Acoustic Ceilings manufactures ceiling systems that offer sound absorption for open-plan offices and lecture rooms, conference halls, etc where easy communication is most important; ceiling systems with high mechanical resistance for areas such as sports halls and gymnasiums; ceilings with acoustic and washability properties for premises in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and professional kitchens.

  • Sound Seal

    Sound Seal supplies products for a variety of industrial and OEM applications. These products include soundproof curtains, acoustic enclosures, sound absorbers, mass loaded vinyl noise barriers, ceiling baffles, wall absorbers and other soundproofing products. Sound Seal also makes wood panels for walls and ceilings.

  • Acoustical Resources, Inc

    Acoustic Resources, Inc. manufactures absorber panels, diffuser panels and reflective panels for walls and ceilings.  These products, used in conjunction with one another, create an accoustically balanced room desired by music education and performance facilities.

  • Chicago Metallic Corporation

    Chicago Metallic Corporation is a producer of acoustical and sustainable ceiling panel systems.  Types of ceilings include grid suspension systems, metal ceiling systems and ceiling panels.  Products are FRP/HDPE certified.

  • The Gage Corporation, International

    The Gage Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of metal ceilings.  Materials used include aluminum and replicated natural materials.  Ceilings can feature patterns, textures and colors and custom designs are offered.

  • Ceilings Plus

    Ceilings Plus is a manufacturer of ceilings made from metal and wood.  Ceiling shapes include modular, curved, triangular, corrugated, linear and beam. Available products include those made of recycled aluminum.

  • Classic Coffers Wood Ceiling Systems

    Classic Coffers Wood Ceiling Systems manufactures suspended wood ceiling systems.  These coffered ceiling includes the benefits of an acoustic drop ceiling for noise reduction and better sound quality for multimedia rooms and board rooms.

  • Pinta Acoustic

    Pinta Acoustic is a manufacturer of noise control and acoustical products for the architectural, broadcast/audio, industrial and facilities markets.  Products include ceiling tiles, noise barrier composite, and ceiling grid systems.

  • CertainTeed Corporation

    Certain Teed Corporation is a manufacturer of ceiling systems including suspension systems and acoustical wall panels.  Produces are LEED certified.

  • American Tin Ceilings

    American Tin Ceilings is a manufacturer of tin ceiling products including panels and molding.

  • Tectum, Inc

    Tectum, Inc. manufacturers acoustical ceilings made from wood fiber panels.  Tectum Ceiling Panels meet the requirements of ASTM E-1264 Type XIV pattern L Class A.