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  • The Green Products Company

    The Green Products Company manufactures a full line of acoustical insulating materials including the Echo Eliminator series of wall panels, hanging baffles and eggcrate panels. Each of these products resist microbial growth, is formaldehyde and irritant free and is made from recycled denim fabrics diverted from landfills. Other products include composite wall panels, acoustical backers and quiet liner.

  • Trendway

    The Trendwall from Trendway creates a floor-to-ceiling space division with pre-manufactured modules that install without construction waste. These panels are easily reconfigured with reusable parts and can help improve indoor air quality while contributing points to LEED certification.

  • Force Panels

    Force Panels is a manufacturer of structural insulated building panels for a variety of applications including residential homes, office buildings, community centers, restaurants, schools, convenience stores and meat processing facilities. These panels can increase energy efficiency by lowering operating costs related to heating and cooling.

  • Dynabilt

    Dynabilt manufactures LEED compliant wall panel systems that can reduce construction costs by more than 50% and are rot and mold free, lightweight, termite free, 170 mph wind shear resistant, recyclable and Energy Star rated.

  • BASF

    BASF wall systems are designed to minimize the impact of the environment through sustainable design. BASF makes 5 brands of sustainable wall systems and other building construction products including Acrocrete, Finestone, PermaLath, Senergy and SonoWall.

  • Green Living Technologies

    Green Living Technologies offers the Green Living wall system; a series of modular panels designed to be mounted to a vertical space for the purpose of growing vegetation. These wall panels are available in 100% lightweight recycled aluminum.

  • Kwik-Wall

    Kwik-Wall builds environmentally friendly wall systems for commercial and residential buildings that can contribute points towards LEED Certification and reduce energy costs. These wall systems are made with steel, aluminum, glass and gypsum.

  • Nedlaw Living Walls

    Nedlaw is a manufacturer that offers living walls which use lush, green plants and beneficial microbes to produce high quality indoor air in an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

  • Reward Wall Systems

    Reward Wall Systems is a manufacturer of insulated concrete wall systems for energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable building applications.

  • Rulon Company

    Rulon manufacturers a variety of acoustical wall systems as well as wall systems made from recycled materials for environmentally friendly building applications.

  • Versa-Lok

    Versa-Lok makes the Versa-Green plantable wall system. This system combines the durability of a segmental retaining wall with the lush beauty of a hanging garden resulting in a functional wall that becomes a living part of the landscape.

  • Natural Building Technologies

    Natural Building Technologies makes the TheromPlan Ziegel Plus wall system; a thin bed insulated structural solid wall over clad with a layer of Pavatex Woodfibre Insulation to form a super insulated solid breathable wall section with a render finish.

  • Bendheim Wall

    Bendheim Wallsystems is a wall systems maker dedicated to making environmentally sustainable, LEED-certified wall systems.

  • Greenblock Worldwide Corp.

    GLBOC from Green Block is an assemble-on-site, reconfigurable wall system that was designed to replace concrete block construction.

  • MBCI

    MBCI manufactures environmentally friendly metal wall systems made from 25%-30% recycled metal for use in commercial buildings.

  • Fabral

    Fabral is a wall system manufacturer offering energy star rated wall systems for residential and commercial applications.

  • Precast Specialties Corp

    Precast Specialties Corp makes sustainable concrete products such as wall panels that help keep temperature and moisture levels acceptable, impeding mold and mildew growth in the structure walls.

  • Accu Posture

    Accu Posture makes SlatWall wall panels of 100% recycled aluminum and 25% recycled steel construction, and is eco-friendly durable with powder coated finish. Comes in many different sizes and comes with stainless steel fasteners.

  • Mexytech Co Ltd

    Mexytech Co manufactures exterior and interior wall panels from wood-plastic composites (known as WPC) which uses recycled materials. These wall panel products are offered in a variety shades including teak, mahogany, walnut, wood grain and sanded.

  • Goshen Timber Frames

    Designing and building energy efficient, sustainable timber frame and hybrid homes nationwide.